Way Beyond Talk…


One of the things that bothers me about some sectors of the Church in the West is that they’re mostly talk.  That’s not going to cut it with postmodern audiences.

In lieu of yesterday’s post (“Ragnarok, Recession, and Real ID“), what practical steps can we Christians take to address the issues mentioned and do so in a Christlike manner that reflects positively on the Lord?

In the case of recession, I’ve long said that we need to better leverage the power of our church directories and fill them with as much or more info than can be found on your average social networking site. We need to know other people’s skill and they need to know ours. They need our networks and we need theirs. Enhancing the church directory is one very simple way we can stay better informed in times of crisis.

What are some other steps we can take to meet these challenges? (And feel free to be pointed, detailed, and practical in your replies. Being too “high concept” is just as bad as being all talk!)

Thanks in advance for your answers.