Feedback Wanted: Changes to Blog?


Dear Readers,

It may be hard to tell, but I’ve made extensive changes to Cerulean Sanctum in the last two weeks. Much of this WordPress-based site has been rebuilt:

1. New or revised plugins

2. New SEO features and optimization

3. Rebuilt .htaccess server file

4. Revised caching schemes

5. And on and on…

If you notice any oddities in the blog now, please let me know. With so many different browsers out there today, the chance that something won’t render correctly goes up. Your feedback is critical.

Also, if something about this blog’s operation, accessibility, or look bugs you, please let me know. Content? Well, that’s another matter.  😉

And if you’re a Web whiz, any feedback you can provide on how to get Internet Explorer to properly render the shadow for the Cerulean Sanctum title in the clouds banner would be much appreciated. I’ve tried every CSS fix I can find online and nothing works. Firefox users definitely see the proper shadowing (not sure about Chrome or Opera, though I think they work), but IE users get just plain white text, which can get lost in the banner. Thanks!

Blog Post Printing Re-Enabled


At one point, individual posts here could be printed in their own print page, which included the full list of embedded links within a post.

That feature, which broke when I restyled the site last year, is now repaired.

You can’t print from the front page, but if you click on a link to an individual post, the print option is available near the end of the single post.

Sorry that the text is a bit bunched together. The CSS for the text indents works, but I can’t seem to get it to work right for line spacing between paragraphs (margin and padding CSS aren’t working, for some reason). But hey, it saves paper, right?  😉

Still Here!


Apologies if the last parts of the Christian education series are rolling out slowly. I’m still working on that series in the background. The lack of posts recently is distressing to me, also, but I’m being pulled in a number of directions, some of which I rather not be yanked into.

But that’s life, and it’s why it’s hard to be a blogger year after year. I’m still here, though, and I hope to have more out next week.

Thanks for being a reader. I appreciate your dedication to Cerulean Sanctum, especially when I’m forced to choose between “real life” and getting a post up regularly.

Have a blessed day!