The Gospel for Asia Debacle


Anyone familiar with Cerulean Sanctum and with me knows that I maintain a scant advertising profile on the site. I have links to Amazon that feature books I recommend, and I also ran a support link to Gospel for Asia.

For years, I’ve supported Gospel for Asia (GfA) primarily because of its reputation for high standards, genuine concern for the poorest of the poor, continuationist stance, and for its missionary zeal. I have a GfA native missionary bio taped to my office wall so I can pray for him regularly. My church has actively supported Gospel for Asia also. I’ve read books by K.P. Yohannan, GfA’s founder, and found them to be biblically solid and universally excellent. In short, in all these and as a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, GfA passed every part of the sniff test.

Except now, it doesn’t.

I am writing this in response to a story that appears in a recent edition of Christianity Today: “Why Gospel for Asia Got Kicked Out of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.” The website Patheos has added more fuel to the fire. A watchdog website GFA Diaspora also raises some troubling questions. Further, some actions by K.P. Yohannan, if true (and they appear to be), are downright disturbing.

Many solid Christian organizations and notable Christian ministry leaders have been gung-ho for GfA, but a large number of the same have now distanced themselves from the group. For now, I’ve removed my sidebar link to GfA until these issues are resolved.

I have always been leery of associating Cerulean Sanctum with any group. Even promoting GfA came only after a long, hard pondering. It appears my wariness was more well founded than even I could have feared.

All that said, I can also forgive as I have been forgiven. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If GfA leadership repents and cleans house, I may return the link.

In the spirit of transparency, I wanted to let readers know. Thank you.

A Blessed Christmas to Cerulean Sanctum Readers!


Just wanted to say thank you to readers of Cerulean Sanctum for your readership and support.

Apologies for the light offerings this December 2013, as the Edelens have been battling colds and sinus infections most of the month, and we’re all just exhausted. Such is the nature of this time of year.

But God, as always, is good.

May your Christmas be virus-free and lively enough. Be with family. Play games. Socialize. Love life. Worship isn’t just on Sundays; it’s the thankfulness we show God in the way we live each moment of our existence here on earth.

That little child came to set us free, and what the Son frees is free indeed.

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

Dan Edelen
Cerulean Sanctum


Readers, How You Can Support Cerulean Sanctum


Dan Edelen, writer at Cerulean SanctumA note to readers of Cerulean Sanctum:

Just wanted to connect and make two requests.


I believe it is true that folks who put it all on the line online attract attention. Not all of that attention is godly, so prayer as an undergirding for those who challenge the darkness is an essential.

I think that the conversation here at Cerulean Sanctum attracts notice, both positively and negatively. I hear from both sides. The negative side is often disturbing. For that reason, I ask for your prayers for my family, for me, and for this blog. The last few years have been quite difficult, with struggles I never thought I’d ever face, but such is the nature of life, particularly for those who seek to remain true to Jesus in a a world that despises truth.

Your prayers for me and for Cerulean Sanctum matter. Especially now. Prayers for insights, wisdom, direction, protection, prosperity, abundance, personal growth, good health, and peace are always coveted.


Several years ago, readers convinced me to put up a page to allow them to support Cerulean Sanctum through Paypal. If you have been blessed by the writing here at Cerulean Sanctum, please consider helping to defray the costs of hosting the site.  The donation page is here.

I haven’t mentioned that page in years, but if you would like to help, I would appreciate it. Thank you.


Most of all, I appreciate you. I can’t think of a Christian website that has better readers. The conversation here has always had a much higher signal to noise ratio than any site I can recall. And that’s because of you. Thank you.

I’m working to improve Cerulean Sanctum, and many changes are happening behind the scenes, all good. I hope that my work on the site helps it reach even more people with the truth of Jesus. We need Him more than ever to face the days to come.

Thank you for being a part of what happens here at Cerulean Sanctum and for blessing me again and again.

Be blessed.