Feedback Wanted: Changes to Blog?


Dear Readers,

It may be hard to tell, but I’ve made extensive changes to Cerulean Sanctum in the last two weeks. Much of this WordPress-based site has been rebuilt:

1. New or revised plugins

2. New SEO features and optimization

3. Rebuilt .htaccess server file

4. Revised caching schemes

5. And on and on…

If you notice any oddities in the blog now, please let me know. With so many different browsers out there today, the chance that something won’t render correctly goes up. Your feedback is critical.

Also, if something about this blog’s operation, accessibility, or look bugs you, please let me know. Content? Well, that’s another matter.  😉

And if you’re a Web whiz, any feedback you can provide on how to get Internet Explorer to properly render the shadow for the Cerulean Sanctum title in the clouds banner would be much appreciated. I’ve tried every CSS fix I can find online and nothing works. Firefox users definitely see the proper shadowing (not sure about Chrome or Opera, though I think they work), but IE users get just plain white text, which can get lost in the banner. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Feedback Wanted: Changes to Blog?

  1. Laura W.

    The font you are using (at least how it is rendered in Firefox 4) is very easy to read. My older eyes appreciate it.

    • Laura,

      I’m using a tricky CSS @font-face call to load two nonstandard browser fonts. The fancy font used in the titles is Carolingia, while the plainer font used in the body of posts is Fontin. Both have been increased in size over the theme default for easier reading. I like both fonts and they work well together — at least I think they do!

  2. Sulan

    It all works for me — but then I am not savy enough to know what all you are talking about. I know it is easy for me to read, and that works for me.

    Keep up what you’re doing!

  3. Dan:

    One thing you can do behind the scenes is to ensure that your web server is running at a minimum, PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0. The reason why is that the new WordPress 3.2 that is scheduled for release in late June / early July is now going to state PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0 as minimum requirements while discontinuing viewing support for Internet Explorer 6.

  4. Ann

    I just found your blog today by way of an older post of Ann Voskamp about reading the Word book by book….

    When I read your ‘Enigma of the Blog Title’ I found the link in this sentence did not work:

    “But there is one more interesting piece of trivia. After I had decided on the name, I surfed around to see if there was anything like it out on the Web and I stumbled upon ‘this astonishing piece of synchronicity’.”

    I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far of your blog….


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