A Blessed Christmas to Cerulean Sanctum Readers!


Just wanted to say thank you to readers of Cerulean Sanctum for your readership and support.

Apologies for the light offerings this December 2013, as the Edelens have been battling colds and sinus infections most of the month, and we’re all just exhausted. Such is the nature of this time of year.

But God, as always, is good.

May your Christmas be virus-free and lively enough. Be with family. Play games. Socialize. Love life. Worship isn’t just on Sundays; it’s the thankfulness we show God in the way we live each moment of our existence here on earth.

That little child came to set us free, and what the Son frees is free indeed.

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

Dan Edelen
Cerulean Sanctum


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