If I, as a husband and dad, showed up only a couple hours once a week to visit with my wife and son—the rest of the week doing whatever I selfishly wanted to do—you’d be right in calling me a deadbeat dad.

So how is it that we Christians can get away with showing up for an hour or two on a Sunday and yet refer to the people we assemble with as “our church family”? Doesn’t that lack of connection (despite what the Bible warns about eschewing meeting together and the example of daily meetings of the early Church in Acts) paint us as deadbeats?

What kind of connection can we ever hope to have with our “church family” if we don’t see them more than a couple hours a week? I may live and die for my wife and son, but would I live and die for a “church family” member I almost never see or spend time with?

How is it that we have no problems with this obvious hypocrisy?

Community? Fact is, I’m still longing for it. I wish other people were too.