Thank You! And a Request…


I just wanted to write to say to all of you regular readers, “Thank you for your support! May God richly bless you beyond your wildest dreams and hopes.”

Cerulean Sanctum is one of my prime ministry outlets right now. There have been many trials and tribulations since 2000; I have not been able to return to full-time ministry as I had hoped, so this blog is my way of getting the message out. I believe that God is stirring people. I am amazed at how the blog phenomenon is spurring this on.

So this blog is a ministry for me, and as such, it will always be offered with no strings attached. I will never combine Cerulean Sanctum and commerce. There was much soul-searching on my part as to even include links to Amazon for my book suggestions on the right, but if someone stumbles across this site and I’m able to point them in the right direction for classic Christian lit, then it’s worth it. But as far as seeking donations via Paypal, Amazon, or others, that won’t ever happen.

All I ask of readers is this: If you like what you read here, then tell someone else. Blogroll Cerulean Sanctum or put a link on your regular Web site. Knowing that people are coming here to find wisdom and nourishment means more than you can imagine. The more who know, the more that blesses me. I can only pray that everyone who comes here encounters Jesus in a fresh and spiritually fulfilling way. That’s why Cerulean Sanctum exists.

Love and Peace in Jesus,


One thought on “Thank You! And a Request…

  1. Dan,

    I hope you know that I read you several times per week and have always come away blessed with either an enriched sense of God working in my life or a thoughtful, provocative challenge to my testimony or both. And that I’m always keeping you in my prayers. Many thanks,

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