My son is a magnet. I’ve lost track of the number of people who have come up to him and given him toys or candy without him doing anything. It happened again today when we were on a boys’ night out. A man came up to our table and handed my son a toy that came from one of the fast food places in the food court.

Now there were dozens of young children around, but this man purposefully walked through them to give my son the toy. He just dropped it off, smiled, and left without saying a word. Never met the guy before in my life.

Now I don’t know why this happens so often with my son, but I think people see something in him that resonates with them. Perhaps they don’t even know what it is, but I think I know.

It’s not just my son, either. My wife has long reminded me of the fact that people who need help with something will routinely single me out of a crowd of a hundred or more. I get asked for directions a lot. Women are always asking me to help them get the can on the top shelf at the grocery store, or to assist with car problems, or some other pesky issue.

When I need help, why do I select the people I do? Is there something in them that draws me to them?

In my younger days I would often see someone in a crowd and automatically know they were a born-again, Spirit-filled Christian. To check, I would usually go up to them and pointedly ask. I can never recall anyone saying no. In fact, most people laughed as if there were some light shining out of them that they’ve been unsuccessful in keeping hidden. As I’ve grown older, I don’t have to ask anymore, either, because now I know.

Shouldn’t we Christians all be magnets? I pray the illumination of the Holy Spirit shines so strongly in each of us that we are always the ones singled out by people. God knows that each appointment has meaning and potential. Are we expecting Him to use us like this? Is this not the chance to share the hope we have within us?

Lord Jesus, make us magnets to the lost, a light to those who wander without direction. Make our assurance in You shine out and cause others to wonder enough to come our way, even if they do not know why they are coming to us. Make us a supernatural people on whom your Spirit rests and calls from deep to deep, that we may know You and communicate you effortlessly to others. Always for your glory alone, amen.

3 thoughts on “Magnets

  1. Anonymous

    This was beautiful.
    I’ve come across the same phenomenon in my life, and questioned myself heavily about it (“why the heck did that guy on the bus choose ME to talk to?”). To realize that it is the Light…wow, it feels like a responsibility I have to respond correctly.

    Thank YOU. I’ll be reading regularly now…

    Jota Erre

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