Something to Ponder


Since I’ve been out tending to my book and other freelancing (and probably won’t get back into the regular blogging swing until the first days of 2005), I thought I’d post a link to an old article that seems to be just as apropos today—and even more so—as it was in 1996.

As a wine drinker and aficionado, I always appreciate it when someone manages to note how the Gospel and wine intersect. In his piece “The New White-Wine Pietists,” Craig Parton doles out 750ml of pure Barolo Reserva right into the maw of the White Zinfandel pietists who have gutted much of the core of modern Christianity.

Now I don’t agree with all his points, but even when I think he’s off, he may be closer to the truth than the other side is.

Quaff away readers and give me a few tasting notes while you’re at it.


Thanks to Conrad over at Not Quite Art, Not Quite Living for bringing this post to light

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