Classic Posts of Cerulean Sanctum 2003-2004


Having crawled up from the primordial sludge of N.Z. Bear’s blog ecosystem to become a full-fledged “Marauding Marsupial” (uh-oh, did I just use a Darwinian analogy?), I thought now would be the time to catch some newer readers up on what I consider to be the classic posts of Cerulean Sanctum. A few readers are commenting on old posts, so I thought I’d make that easier by unearthing previous well-hit posts and expose them to the light of new readers’ insights.

So here they are for your reading pleasure…

September 2003 saw the start of Cerulean Sanctum and the background I laid for my quest to find the real Church in 21st century America. Most all of my talking points for this blog have their roots in these posts:

Of those six posts, the one that is most heavily linked to from other sites in the one on charismatic churches. I believe that for anyone who is a charismatic, it is essential reading.

After that, we have two posts that show what we need to do to help the Church be all She can be:

After the post on charismania, this one is probably the next most-heavily-linked-to post. It caused a bit of a stir in the Christian blogosphere at the time:

I talk about rethinking our community in the following:

Here a look at the weakness of the “Emerging Church” model:

The current Gospel of the Lord not good enough? Try this:

Has our definition of being broken been co-opted by another Gospel?

On the bland uniformity of churches today and what it means for tomorrow:

And just why are so many Christians bored?

And that brings us up to the close of last year.

Those are the cream of the 2003-2004 crop, folks, the ones with the most outside links and inside comments. Enjoy!

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