Announcing the “More Cowbell Award” at Cerulean Sanctum


One of the bizarre things about the Internet is how certain ideas, phrases, or jokes catch on for no apparent reason. Lately, the phrase that seems to be cropping up everyhere is based off a Saturday Night Live sketch from April 2000:

“More cowbell.”

“More cowbell” is a euphemism to “take it to the next level.” The joke is that this next level can be over the top and can create unintended havoc. “More cowbell” can miss the point entirely or take you in the wrong direction if you are not careful.

Will Ferrell—More CowbellIn that spirit, I am announcing that I will peridiocally be handing out the “More Cowbell Award” to Christian authors, bloggers, churches, and pundits who believe they are helping the cause by their willingness to “explore the space” but may be missing the point. My hope is not to discredit people, but to call attention to ideas that in an effort to help the Church may actually accomplish the opposite. This is one award no one should want to win!

So look for this image (at the right) with each announcing of a “More Cowbell Award” winner. Hopefully everyone can take this with a light heart and some deeper thinking.

{Click on the image to launch a (very large) Quicktime streaming video of the SNL “More Cowbell” sketch. A smaller, lower-resolution version is avialable in Windows Media format here.}

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