Satellite Up, But Dan Now Down! :-(


After several weeks of sporadic Web access, trouble getting blog entries up because of losing my Internet connection due to satellite issues, I thought I was on track to breathe some new life into this blog.Pills image

Now I’m really sick.

Caught a head cold that turned into a sinus infection that feels like a pachyderm’s sitting on my face, and in going to the doctor on Friday I seem to have picked up a case of pink eye on top of it all. With two of my five sense on the fritz—and a pounding ache in the master command center for those senses—I’m not a happy camper. Even my teeth hurt.

So blogging will be light while I recover. This has been going on for five days now with little respite in sight. Prayer would be appreciated. Just looking at my computer’s monitor is making my eyes water.

Stay well and stay tuned!

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