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Just a few things to mention:

  • Some have commented or e-mailed about the state of the trees within our freshly planted orchard. I am happy to announce that as of today, all have put out leaves, so the two nights of record cold here in May did not kill a single one. Praise God!
  • As a writer, I have a particular fondness for books brought accurately to the screen—emphasis on accurately. The trailer for a much anticipated fantasy classic was just put up today and I can only hope and pray that it has not been gutted in its transition to the screen. The trailer is impressive, so please take a look at what may be the successor to the throne of the Lord of the Rings movies. And pray really hard that it has not strayed from the book series.
  • From time to time I like to say thank you to all the folks who come to Cerulean Sanctum, many of you daily. That means a lot to me and I hope you are blessed by what you read here. I know that many of you who have blogs have linked to this one. I can only ask your patience as I try to return the favor eventually. While I continue to post on this blog, due to the poor health I have suffered this Spring (and I was hit by yet another vexing ailment today) my attempt to get my recent novel finished in time to be presented to publishers and agents at the upcoming Christian Booksellers Association convention has failed. I won’t be able to get two rewrites finished by July and this has pressed on me hard. Prayers for other opportunities later in the year are appreciated. And like I said, I want to be reciprocal; I just need some time. Thanks for understanding.

4 thoughts on “Various bits…

  1. J.Wizzle

    Hey Dan. I’m glad to hear that your trees are doing well. I haven’t seen you very much on the Ooze as of late, so I figured that I would pop in and see how you were doing.

  2. Anonymous

    i hope you feel better dan!!! and good luck with your books as well… just know that your insight and what is impressed on your heart by the Holy Spirit, and then sharing it with us is ALWAYS appreciated! ~christina

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