I’m Extinct!


Lumbering Giant Ground SlothCerulean Sanctum has vanished from N.Z. Bear’s Ecosystem. This formerly Large Mammal has gone the way of the Steller’s Sea Cow, the Woolly Mammoth, the Irish Elk, the North American Giant Ground Sloth, and the Quagga. Like those long dead beasties, I have no idea what hit me. I’m afraid that if I resubmit the blog it will create more issues.

Any other Ecosystem denizens experiencing problems?

9 thoughts on “I’m Extinct!

  1. bob (a.)

    Well, you are safely hidden in the blogdom of God

    3021. Cerulean Sanctum

    Perhaps a link is broken, don’t despair, be of good courage, for the Lord our God is with thee.


  2. Gaddabout

    The Blogdom of God was down all day yesterday. I think a certain U.K. pyschologist was checking sites for people who were critical of psychology. πŸ˜‰

  3. Rick Creech

    I have two things to say:

    First to Dan:

    Every blog that goes down ahead of me, is one less blog I have to take down myself. πŸ™‚

    Second to Matt:

    Your prognosis can not be true, for I have elevated in the Blogdom of God, despite the roasting that I have taken the last few days for my stance on “Psychology”. But then again, I am so insignificant that he may have overlooked me (and I scatched his back awhile ago, maybe he just closed his eyes as he passed by my blog). πŸ˜‰

  4. Hmm…

    Well, I was #98 in the Blogdom of God, so I got blasted there, too. Now I’m at #3021. See, I talk about how my blog name had some of its origin in a persecution complex and now I see I am right!!!

    As to Adrian nuking me because of my stance on psychology, well, I hadn’t quite thought about that now….

    Have no idea what happened in the Ecosystem. Guess I’ll have to resubmit. A search on my blog name brings up nothing there. I used to hover around #950.

    Curiouser & curiouser.

  5. Don’t sweat it, dude. Too much of the Blogdom is about ego and empire anyway. You’ve got some net friends who read your blog regularly, and you don’t need to get wrapped up in numbers. I know I’ve wasted way too much time checking out TTLB, Sitemeter, and Christian Top 1000. They’re all helpful, I suppose, but don’t let them take time away from your writing. Peace.

  6. Milton,

    It’s not an ego thing, trust me. It’s more a technical issue. I’m trying to make the leap to WordPress in the next couple months and I’ve been struggling with the technical issues of the blog and going from Blogger to WordPress. I have the skeleton of the WordPress site up, and I wonder if I broke something in doing so. That’s why I’m concerned. To drop out of the Ecosystem and get messed up in the Blogdom of God at the same time I put up the WordPress “alpha” version of Cerulean Sanctum, well, it’s a mighty strange coincidence.

  7. I agree with Milton’s comments wholeheartedly. I too think that maybe it’s about ego, empire, and in addition theo-politics, and conformity to the mentality that God has to be reduced from being a sovereign and providential God to being a Republican politician that will overturn Roe v. Wade, get school vouchers, etc.

    I too have net friends who read regularly and most of my hits are coming from direct search engine searches anyhow.

  8. nadia

    yeah my friend seen 1 in west michigan woods it looked 12ft tall it was munch’n on tha corn..it stud up walked away and got down on all 4’s….

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