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Jordon and his son, MarkThe Christian Blogosphere is a very small place, so I’m sure many people already know the plight of Jordon Cooper, a Saskatchewan pastor who’s been blogging since the beginning of that word.

Jordon appears to be suffering from diabetic neuropathy so serious that portions of his nervous system are shutting down. A relatively young man in his thirties with a wife and young son, Jordon needs our prayers. He needs the touch of God for healing.

I would encourage everyone who reads Cerulean Sanctum to take a few moments to pray for Jordon right now:

Lord Jesus Christ, all things were made through You. You know every hair on our heads, every cell in our bodies, and you know the sufferings of men and our afflictions. We pray in Your name Jesus that the complete healing you purchased with Your own blood would be Jordon’s in this very moment. For your glory Lord, we beseech You to restore the damaged nerves in Jordon’s body to wholeness, that he might be raised up to renewed health, so that Your name would receive honor among the people. We pray that Your mercy would be shown to him in this dark hour, Lord, so that he will once again know the joy that comes in the morning. We pray all this in Your holy name, Jesus. Amen.

Please also take time to continue to lift Jordon up in your own time before the Lord until we hear a good word from up north.

Bless you all. Bless you, Jordon.

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