For once, I had troubles with writer's block writing on the topic of worry. I had an angle the other day, but lost it amid a busy week.

I haven't talked about writing in a long while. It's a topic I've wanted to post on in the last week because I crossed a milestone: I finally finished the first draft of my speculative fiction novel!

I thought I would have it done around November, with final edits completed by the end of January. But a combination of illness and an uptick in my writing business kept pushing things back. Honestly, blogging also proved an impediment. Some of my blog entries were huge and took more time than I'd allotted.

The good news is that I tend to edit as I go. Plus, I have the Write Brothers—Joe, Mike, and Wayne, all three exceptional writers—to give advice. They've stuck the knife in me a few times and all I can say is "Thanks, guys!" I hope to have two good edits in within the month.

It feels good now, but I can't wait to mail it off.

I'll keep you all informed.

8 thoughts on “Words

  1. Deb,

    I was glad to see that you still read my blog! Thanks for the encouragement. I follow yours and some of the others from ACFW.

    I will—of course—be using what I learned in your class as I edit this thing.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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