The New Home of Cerulean Sanctum!


Folks, I may only do one or two more posts at the old URL for Cerulean Sanctum. The new URL for this blog is

so please update your blogrolls and posts. The old Blogger-based Cerulean Sanctum will probably continue to exist for the rest of the year, but will be shut down eventually. I’ll be putting a redirect here in a couple weeks just to drive the point home. Any links you have to the old blog will work for a while. I haven’t figured out how to redirect them all, so I’ll probably just put in a generic redirect via 404 to the root level of Commenting at the old blog will be turned off as well. All comments from the old blog were ported over, so if you had an exceptionally pithy statement, it will live on in the new blog. RSS and Atom feeds are being modified as well, so if you read via an aggregator, you will have to update those links also.


The WordPress-based Cerulean Sanctum will be a huge work in progress. I jumped the gun a couple weeks ago by giving out the new domain name, so the cat was out of the bag and any opportunity I had to work on the new blog in secret was blown.

Sadly, despite the fact that the Blogger>>Wordpress import went well, Blogger post titles don’t play well with WordPress’s titling. Many links in the new blog are therefore broken. I’ll have to fix each one manually and that will take months. However, one of the reasons I had to redo Cerulean Sanctum was due to directory structure issues that made accessing old posts through API searches nearly impossible. So while links within posts will be stuck referring to the old blog, over time they will be corrected. For the time being, searches will work instead. Six of one, half dozen of another. In the end, better search capability is more important.

You’ll see new posts pertaining to the Christian purpose of this blog soon at the new site. I may repost some classics for a week at the new blog. We’ll see how quickly the design and link issues clean up. An extraordinary amount of work lies ahead. Thank you for being a reader. Your patience is requested. In a few weeks everything will be back to normal, I’m sure.

God is good…and I’m tired!


5 thoughts on “The New Home of Cerulean Sanctum!

  1. Michael Kelley

    Looking great so far! As an RSS user, I’m really appreciating the fact that the new site has the full text in the feed. I’m really hoping that you don’t change that.

  2. Dan:

    A few things:

    1. I responded to your comment at my site;
    2. I upgraded my links (not that I drive much traffic), and,
    3. You might want to consider enlarging your font size: even wth bifocals, it’s pretty small. If you don’t know how to do that in WP, give me a holler and I’ll be happy to help: I’ve wrestled with WP for a year or so now.

    #3 sounds like spam, doesn’t it? “Enlarged your FONT SIZE now!!!” An all-herbal remedy!

  3. Rene The Rugrat

    I simply wanted to say thank you for your comments on CampOnThis regarding Tozer. I have observed similiar things and had wanted to ask Sledgehammer about it, but knew I could not be sufficiently articulate to communicate my ideas clearly.

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