Pack the Vote?


I just got back from voting (around 9:45 a.m. EST) and my polling place was packed to the rafters. I’ve never seen it like this. We vote in what would have been deemed a one-room schoolhouse long ago, and there was hardly room to move. Considering there are only about a thousand people, at most, in our entire district, I was shocked. The parking lot overflowed into the next street and beyond. I half expected to see Sarah Palin walk by.

If what I saw is any indication of the number of voters in other parts of the state and country, expect states to lengthen the amount of time the polls stay open, perhaps by as much as two or three hours. Or more. And expect massive disinfranchisement protests coming out of urban areas, too. If this election is close, that cry will be enormous.

We may not know the outcome of this election until the wee hours of the morning, if then.

5 thoughts on “Pack the Vote?

  1. Normandie

    It’s amazing how different this election feels from others I’ve experienced. We’re on our boat in Mexico (no DSL, shaky Wifi–oh, the withdrawal!) and so voted absentee. From where I sit, receiving the occasional blog and prophecy, surrounded by the very liberal of the liberal, no longer sheltered within the comfort zone of church family, I find the perspective interesting.

    I KNOW God’s in control. I know He hears our prayers, but how He answers them is His business, especially if those prayers are for our own comfort and not for His perfect will to be done. I think a lot of Christians are going to be dismayed at the way things play out in the days to come–and many will probably blame it on failed prayer or on those who didn’t pray with enough fervor. Still, God is in control. Thanks be to God.

  2. Peter P

    I am very excited about this election. By the looks of things it’s going to take them a long time to count all of the votes.

    I don’t think the guy I want to win will end up winning but then that’s not strictly true….

    I want the guy to win who will cause the most people to turn to Christ in the coming years. From what I’ve seen over the past couple of years, the Holy Spirit is stirring and waking up the Church and I suspect that it may be for that very reason – to bring in the harvest.

    I agree with Normandie, and I am praying that God’s is done here and now. I believe it will, so I’m excited – God is going to bring us something, it may not be what we hope for or expect but it’s what’s He wills, and that’s exciting to me!

  3. Good evening, there are going to be a lot of tired US citizens tomorrow.

    Friends and I stayed up – the world was watching.
    Your president elect made quite the speech, he pledged honesty, wove your history and reached out to his opponents.
    Yes we can made sense and was defined as more than a slogan.
    And yes, it is late.

    Glad this election is over.
    Congratulations on your voter turnout.

  4. I had to wait longer in the Bush v. Kerry election. But I think some of that had to do with the touchscreen machines we used. Since we had just three races to decide – President, Senate, and one House race – all three tickets were formatted into one screen. That cut down on the amount of mistakes, I’m sure. We voted in a palatial retirement home slightly reminiscient of The Shining’s hotel, come to think of it. I got out before the twin girls and cascade of blood came on the scene.

  5. All,

    Turns out that a.m. voting levels were high all over the country only to settle down after lunch. Some precincts even reported being slow toward the end of polling. Looks like everyone was dying to rush out and declare their vote, hence the long lines early.

    So much for a long night waiting to find out. I can’t remember the last election that was over before midnight!

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