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My post of July 13, 2009, entitled “How to Become a Christian” was the 1,000th post on Cerulean Sanctum. I’ve been blogging under that title since September 2003, though I had a previous blog for a few years before CS (The Boiled Frog Blog) that focused on cultural meltdowns. I find it amazing that I have been blogging in one form or another since 2000.

I saved yesterday’s post for the 1,000th because I felt the Lord telling me for weeks that it was needed. I have not seen many good evangelistic presentations in the Godblogosphere, a truly tragic lack. Plus my time away allowed me to consider the wording of  a Christ-glorifying apologetic.

While I don’t normally request links, I would like to ask a favor. If you have a blog and find “How to Become a Christian” to be a worthy presentation of the Gospel, would you please link to it? I feel a pressing need to see more people come to Christ. And though I would prefer that a presentation of the Gospel happens in person, if it cannot, my prayer would be that this post would help point others in the direction of the Kingdom of God.

The best way to link to the post in a way that grabs Google’s attention is to embed the link in a proper context, such as this:

“If you are searching for truth, for real love, or for freedom from the past, here is a link that details how to become a Christian.”

By linking as I did on that keyphrase, it will help those who are using search engines to find how to become a Christian.

The Latest Update

As many of you know, I stepped away from Cerulean Sanctum for a couple weeks while recovering from surgery. The surgery itself went about as smoothly as could be imagined, but the recovery has not been without its pains. I was told I would not be back to normal for yet another month. Today,  I have my follow-up visit with the surgeon. My prayer is that he fixed the problems and that my recovery is progressing as planned.

This was a very common surgery. No life threatening condition, just an annoying one that was only going to become more problematic as time went on. My surprise was that I needed it in two spots, not just one, so the recovery will be longer than I anticipated.

As a freelancer, any time I take off means no income, so getting back to work has been a pressing need. I started back yesterday, but I have much catching up to do. Things may be a bit sparse here over the next month as I attempt to get back on top of work responsibilities, even as I heal.

Thank you for all your prayers of support and for healing. Cerulean Sanctum has a great band of regular readers, and I appreciate every one of you. As long as you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!



10 thoughts on “Milestone + The Latest Update

  1. merry

    If I had a blog, I would link to your article. 🙂

    I find what the Lord has been pressing on you regarding evangelism interesting, because I believe God is really moving in huge ways in our country (if not the entire world) right now. Ever since the economic downturn I have seen more and more people interested in God. In the last few weeks alone I have heard more about God and Jesus on secular radio and tv than I have ever heard in my life (and this is coming from the west coast; we aren’t exactly the Bible belt over here!). I have found Jesus in places that I wouldn’t have ever expected, and I’ve really just found the general presence of God to be very near by of late.

    All this to say that I found your “How to Become a Christian” article extremely timely.

    • Merry,

      I believe God is working, too, but I also know that many worried people are avoiding looking at Christ as the answer because they have been so burned by the Church in the past. This puts us at a deficit from which we must climb before we even get to the level ground needed to help people rise higher.

  2. Dan,

    It was a wonderful post. Congratulations on the milestone. I know you are blessing the body in a mighty way.

    I’ll add a link to the post on my blog. I think I know just where to put it.

    In Christ,


      • Clare

        This documentary was very good actually, well worth finding the time to watch. It is basically about a a group of Amish whose men folk start to read a modern translation of the Bible rather the trad. German one usually used, and how this effects their view of how one is saved verses what their culture says. Excellent and fairly even handed too.

    • Thanks, Milton. I’m still considering your offer from the other day. I’m buried with other work, though, and will need a slower time to see if editing of existing material is possible.

  3. I suppose in the blogging world you can now be referred to as a postmillenialist. Congrats, and take care of yourself. Lots of folk are praying for you.

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