Sorry it’s been dead here lately, but we have been fighting the flu. I guess it’s H1N1, as the seasonal flu doesn’t really hit our area until about December or so. My son had it a couple weeks ago, and now it seems like I do, too. As neither my wife nor I came down with it right away, we thought we were in the clear. Oh well! Let me tell you, the day before I wrote this was no fun at all. But my fever seems to have gone and some of my strength is coming back, so I hope to have more up here soon.

Be blessed. And stay healthy!

5 thoughts on “Flu

  1. Dan,

    I hear you: Katie (six) had a fever as high as 102.5 last Thursday, and Joshua (three) got as high as 102.9 the following day. And that was with a steady stream of ibuprofen/acetaminophen to help keep the fevers down. They both seem to be over it now, apart from a lingering cough (the only symptom I’ve picked up so far).

    Of course, Katie’s symptoms appeared the very day they announced the vaccine had arrived in Columbus. What a coincidence…

  2. My younger brother and his wife both came down with it. Thank God my nephew, their son, who has asthma, did not contract it. Or if he did, the Tamiflu they started him on immediately after my brother got it kept the symptoms in check.

  3. Deana

    Hi, Dan. Sorry to hear it arrived at your house. Danessa had it last week–still has the lingering effects this week, the coughing, etc. Denny seems to have it now–severe sore throat with congestion. The fever only lasted about 24 hours for both of them. I was at our family doctor this morning for something else–and ironically he had been out sick all last week with it also–no severe symptoms but didn’t want to expose his patients. (He’s in the 40’s age range also). He said those of us born after 1950 are susceptible to the H1N1 because we weren’t exposed to it in the 1930’s and 40’s–and that it’s no more severe than the usual flu which comes later in winter. (Hopefully Mom & Dad won’t get it, then!)From what our doctor said, it does seem to take about a full week to run it’s course and that’s what Danessa has experienced.
    Drink plenty of fluids, gargle often and wash pillow cases, (if not all the bedding, at least the pillow cases) and all towels daily in hot water!

    • Deana,

      Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I didn’t know you read my blog.

      I suspect that the incubation period for this thing is longer than some are saying, as Ethan first complained that “his bones hurt” about four days before he ran a fever. His fever then lasted for four days. I remember fighting a headache and a burning sensation in my lungs nearly a week before the fever hit me. Ethan had gone back to school at the point when I first had those symptoms. I felt sick when your folks were down here and did not go to church on Sunday. By Monday afternoon, I thought I might be getting better, but then Monday night was a complete reversal.

      I’m better now, though weak and tired. I did a bit of work yesterday and will try to do some today, but I suspect I’ll have to slip a nap in there somewhere.

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