Cerulean Sanctum Now in WordPress 3.0


This blog is now running the new WordPress 3.0. If you experience any oddities, please email me.

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5 thoughts on “Cerulean Sanctum Now in WordPress 3.0

  1. I’m experiencing many oddities but I doubt they have to do with WP 3.0 or anything else related to this blog. 🙂

    On a serious note, should I make the move from blogger to WP? Is there a free place to host and do all that “stuff”?

    • Rick,

      WordPress is becoming a serious workhorse that bears little resemblance to Blogger, either in the self-hosted (WordPress.org) and hosted (WordPress.com) versions.

      We just set up a blog for my wife hosted at WordPress.com (which would be similar to Blogger/Blogspot) and I was amazed how robust and detailed the hosted version now is, while retaining some level of simplicity. In some ways, it’s not all that different from the self-hosted version I use, and I suspect it will do 90% of what my self-hosted install will do.

      So yeah, WordPress (both hosted and self-hosted) is pretty awesome.

      • ok – what I learned is that WP.com does not allow plug-ins and WP.org will cost me … as one who couldn’t justify spending money on touchdown jesus i don’t know how i can justify spending money on a blog site … especially since my assumption is that if you stop paying, it all goes away rather than with blogger that just hangs out there for posterity’s sake …

        • Rick,

          WordPress.com, even without plugins, has incorporated so many of the best plugins that it’s kind of a moot point. That was one of my biggest surprises in going back there to help my wife get her site set up. What I used to have to do with plugins on my standalone site, WordPress.com does without that need. In many cases, they incorporated the code of the best plugins into their offering. Seriously, it’s 90% of what you’ll get with the standalone + plugins. (In fact, each release of WordPress has led me to pare down plugins—I run with half what I used to, and all because the core code keeps adding great features).

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