Spambot Countermeasures Added


Added a very simple checkbox antispam check to my comments box to try to limit the amount of automated spam I’ve been receiving. Increasingly, WordPress’s built-in antispam tool, Akismet, has been failing to stop these because they look too much like genuine comments. I have another antispam tool also, but it looks at a different kind of spam.

The Securi website has noted a significant increase in spam to WordPress blogs in the last six months. These come in waves, and the last big wave was a few years ago before the Internet Powers That Be located and terminated a major spam ring, which cut down spam by about 90 percent. Seems the bad, old days have returned.

Anyway, if you encounter any problems commenting after manually checking the checkbox at the end of the comment, please let me know. Or if anything looks or acts wrong on the blog, please drop me a line.


5 thoughts on “Spambot Countermeasures Added

  1. Joseph Swenson

    Have you checked out Disqus? They have a great WordPress comment system plugin. Great at weeding out spam.

      • Agreed, ccinnova. There is no web service I have more problems with on other people’s sites than Disqus. That Disqus basically owns your comment content is a further problem.

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