When a Christian Feels Like an Imposter


When everyone is worshiping on Sunday and seems to be “into” God, you stand with them.

But you’re not feeling the music.

You’re not feeling love for God or for others.

You instead feel alone and disconnected.

You wonder what is wrong with you.

You may even ask yourself, Am I an imposter?

Feeling as if you are faking your way through the Christian life is not unusual. In difficult times, when nothing seems to be going right, that sense can become overwhelming.

But are you really a phony with regard to your faith?

Hiding behind a maskTruth is, most Christians who struggle with feelings of being an imposter need to realize, generally, that people who fake their Christian devotion aren’t self-examining. Real imposters in the faith, those who may go to church and talk the talk but who aren’t truly born again, don’t pose questions of their motives because, for the most part, they simply don’t care. Theirs is not an attitude of wanting to fix their phoniness, so they abide it without worry.

Yes, sometimes God does break through in the life of someone who has been phoning in their faith for years or even decades, but I think that’s not the majority case.

Instead, I think the people who most struggle with feelings of being an imposter are genuine, born-again Christians who have run into some kind of spiritual barrier that has forced self-examination.

What are some causes for feelings of being an imposter?

1. Legalism—Whether imposed by a church or self-imposed, a mandated set of spiritual do’s and don’ts can lead that imposter self-accusation. Everyone else is doing this Christian life thing right, but you’re not making the grade, and you know it.

2. Listening to the Enemy when you should be ignoring him—Satan is real. And more than anything, discouragement is his tool for ruining believers. A discouraged Christian never reaches his or her full potential in Faith, which is what the Enemy wants. In addition, a discouraged Christian is an antiwitness.

3. Disconnection from other Christians—Sometimes, the people in the pews go through turnover. Suddenly, you don’t know who those new folks are, have no relationship with them, and your church just feels different. You find yourself increasingly distanced from the Christian connections you once had. You wonder if there’s something you’re doing wrong, which explains why everyone seems not to care about connecting with you.

4. Change—Your church changed it’s worship music style. The sanctuary was remodeled. You have a new pastor. Your closest friends at the church moved out of the area or switched to a different church. Everything feels different.

5. A new direction in your own life—If bridges are burning through no cause of your own, if everything you were doing feels as if it’s coming to an end, maybe God has a new direction for your life. Maybe it even means changing your church. In short, not all feelings of being an imposter must be negative. Perhaps God is opening a new vista for you or is getting ready to launch you in a new ministry opportunity.

And then there’s that final one:

6. Perhaps you’re not truly born again.

As noted above, that final one is less likely than you might assume when you feel as if you’re an imposter.

Here’s the curious thing, though: Whether you are a genuine imposter or just feeling like one, the solutions are the same:

1. Repent—God desires that all men and women repent of their sins. If you are not a genuine Christian, then you need to repent. If you are a genuine Christian and you’ve just succumbed to ignoring what God says positively about you as His son or daughter, then you need to repent. Even if #5 applies and God is using your feelings of being an imposter to take you in a new direction for His work, repentance is always the place to start. You can’t go wrong with repentance.

2. Humble yourself—Sometimes, feelings of being an imposter can make a person feel superior to others. You alone recognize that you’re a fake and everyone else is too dumb to see that. They’re all imposters too. Or so the self-deception goes. Don’t go there. If you’ve repented, allow yourself to be humbled. You’re dust and so is everyone else. Stop thinking that you’re any better or any worse than anyone else.

3. Accept grace—God offers grace to imposters, whether they are genuine imposters or just mired in the mistaken feelings of being one. Learning to accept God’s grace is key to ridding yourself of feelings of being an imposter. But it has to be learned. Ask God to help you improve in your ability to accept His grace.

4. Draw closer to Jesus—Every answer to every problem is found in Jesus. Really.

I want to expand that fourth solution.

My experience with people who feel as if they are imposters is that the majority are on the cusp of a deeper walk with the Lord. Allow Him to take you there. Deep calls to deep, and that feeling of being an imposter is often God’s way of saying that He has a more fulfilling relationship He wishes to pursue with you. He wants more of you for Himself and for His Kingdom’s purposes.

Because God doesn’t want us to be satisfied with the status quo. He doesn’t want us to be thrilled by mammon, but He wants us to be thrilled by what He values. Feelings of being an imposter are one means by which God can correct the course of your life to look more like His Son’s. In a way, that feeling of being an imposter is real because all of us are imposters if we’re not living in the fulness of life in Christ that He so desires for us.

So while feeling like an imposter IS something of a bad situation, it’s not a hopeless one. In fact, it most often signals the start of a wonderful new direction that God has always desired for you but which you were unable or unwilling to accept because you were not ready.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
—Ecclesiastes 3:11a ESV

38 thoughts on “When a Christian Feels Like an Imposter

  1. Very well said Dan. I agree that those who feel “phony” are more likely to be actual, born-again Christians than those who blithely go along Sunday after Sunday. I think some of this has to do with the religious culture we live in that hampers relationships and encourages plastic faced religious anonymity.

  2. Linda

    Hi Dan,
    I’m thinking that being a Christian imposter is a serious offense. You are right, I believe, when you say that repentance has to happen and truth has to be the default in this situation toward God and toward others.

    Deception is wicked. Truth is righteous. If we remain in deception and in deceiving there will be serious consequences in the end. It would probably be better for this person to leave the church if they are too afraid to reveal what is true. We must be true to ourselves. If we are living a lie we need to change this. There is no profit in deception.

    You say that some people may feel like imposters but really aren’t. I’m not sure that the Holy Spirit would do this. We are convicted of truth by the Holy Spirit. The only other thought for me would be that the church being attended by this person is fraudulent and that there are no real Christians attending this church.

    I’m trying to think of stories and teaching in the OT and in the NT that deal with decepton. The only ones on the top of my head are the mediums who were deceiving people with their witchcraft and magic. They were not allowed by OT law to remain alive in the OT. This is harsh, but I think that we have to realize that God is very serious about this issue.

    • Linda,

      I think it’s more of a sense of not fitting in, making it more of a social issue than a spiritual one. The problem is that people conflate it with a spiritual problem. I also think it is a very common feeling. You feel like an imposter because, at that moment, you’re not feeling a part of the fellowship. You feel distant and disconnected.

  3. Luke

    Well put, Dan. I’ve been feeling like an imposter for some time and I have to say faking it is very draining; mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes I feel it would be so much easier to not be a Christian, but of course biblically that would cause more inner turmoil! You have definitely given me food for thought. Thankyou.

  4. Donna

    Thank you so much for this post. I have really been struggling lately and came up on this post. It was very helpful. Thank you!

  5. Hannah

    I’ve been struggling for awhile wondering now if I’m truly saved. I’ve felt that maybe my repentance to the Lord was not genuine, or that I have phony motives. I’ve asked the Lord to show me the errors of my ways, and he may have… I think I keep examining myself and worrying I’m not saved rather than focusing on Christ. And I think I’ve been selfish, but every time I try to look to Christ, I just can’t focus enough! I truly don’t know what to do, I read God’s word all the time looking for guidance, I’ve been praying that the Lord would help me get through this, but I’ve been going nowhere! I almost feel hopeless… because without God, I wouldn’t no what to do. I don’t know if God’s testing me, or just not answering because I might have wrong motives… I’d really like some help!

    • Kevin

      Hannah I sympathize with you. I too know how this is can be so debilitating. I too have struggled and it has been at times debilitating. What has helped is drawing closer to Jesus remembering what He has promised to those who have been invited Him ” He who comes to me I will never cast away” John 6. It seems that at times you feel so rejected. But the cross says that God now accepts us through Christ. All the sins that have separated you from God, Jesus out of love for the Father and love for you humbly submitted to the punishment that yours and my sins so justly deserve. The answer is to focus on the the truth of who Jesus is and what He came to do for you! “Christ also suffered once for sins the righteous for the unrighteous that He might bring us to God.” If you feel that you are a impostor ask Jesus to help you draw near to Him to know him better and to trust Him and his work more fully.
      This surely is his will. Jesus will never reject those who come to Him for help. You and I need that assurance to help us in our time of need.
      He is a merciful and gracious High priest who right now is interceding before the Father for you!



    • Shaniel,

      The easiest way to course correct is to go somewhere no one can see you but God and rediscover Him, just the two of you. You can’t be fake then.

      “When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”–Matthew 6:5-6

  7. Trent

    Hannah: I feel very much the same way. It’s like you took the words out of my mouth about how I’ve been feeling. I’d like some clarification too. I’m at the point where I almost feel like I’m trying to distance myself from thoughts of God and this struggle in general in some ways just to not have to think about it all the time. It doesn’t really ever go away though

  8. Shey

    Im in a more serious situation sadly. 🙁 years ago i became so in love in reading the Bible and always remembered what God says. But when I had deeper knowledge and discovered many false doctrines on my church I started to be cold to my brethren and became judgmental at some point, thought I can really see that they are worldly Christians. And this made me feel superior over them that makes me avoid having fellowship with them with love. I hate this feeling and attitude,the evil thoughts etc. I always pray to God to change me and give me love for others which he commanded. It also prevents me from sharing the truth with them when I think i cant deliever it with love. And that makes me question my faith, if im really saved. 🙁 im really really depressed. I wanted to stop studying the Bible to avoid this but I know it’s not what God wants. I have no one to talk to but God.

    • Shey,

      Here’s something I posted on Facebook the other day. I think it will help:

      Most people are just trying to get by however best they can. What I may pereceive as sloth, indifference, hostility, or even malice may very well be that person’s coping mechanism in that moment, their attempt to try to get by. Most people don’t act out of purposeful evil, even if our interpretation reads it that way. Fact is, few of us know anything about anyone else’s life or why they react the way they do. Most likely, it’s because they are just trying to get through the day in one piece. Here’s what I can do: Be as kind and as caring as I can be, recognizing this truth.

      A very simple prayer I would pray:

      “Lord Jesus, in every interaction I have with another person, help me to see you in them. And when I see you in them, help me to love that person more. Help me to be, at least, the one person they interact with today who exhibits your love for them. And in seeing you in them and loving them more, let me love you all the more for having loved them. Reveal yourself in love, Lord, and help me to be a vessel of love in every interaction I have with another, whether it’s my neighbor, you, or you in my neighbor. In that way, teach me to love you more. Thank you for your love now. Amen.”

      It’s not a hard prayer. I hope you can begin to pray it regularly and, as a result, grow in real love for God, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and every person you meet daily.

      • Shey

        Hi Dan! Thanks for replying. I agree and I always ask God to help me be the one He wants me to be. He is good cuz i am now somewhat recovering, tho sometimes i still struggle with new questions on my mind.

  9. Megan

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks so much for this post. The article came up when I did a search regarding how I’m having a hard time not feeling like a faker when I pray out loud, as if I’m just parroting everything I hear and not authentically praying as I feel. SO frustrating. Many of the things you pointed out in reference as to how we might be feeling this way made so much sense to me, and some definitely apply. I especially appreciate the mention of this being a time where the Lord is inviting me to take a deeper walk with Him, and that speaks to so much of what I’m experiencing. My old tapes tell me that I’m just not fitting in with everyone and urges me to go find another church, yet I can also see the invitation to open up and trust in deeper ways. He has me in His arms, which is the piece that I need to remember. Thanks for your thoughts in this post! 🙂

  10. Frank Suarez

    Oh dear me, I’m SO thankful for this post. So, this is my story: For the past few years, I felt like the last thing I needed in my life was God or “religion” bcus, even though I was brought up Pentecostal as a child practically from birth, I felt that I only did that bcus it was what I was being told to do, it was never a conscious decision on my part…until recently. And when I say recently, I mean less than a month from when writing this message you’re reading.

    It took the last 3 years of suffering from not having my children with me after my children’s mother (whom I’ve now forgiven within myself) accused my current wife (whom we decided mutually [stupidly] to split from the weekend of my bday on 6/3), of abusing my children both physically & sexually. Now, I long for my wife bcus even though we had only been dating (albeit without God in our lives) for 10mths when this began, she stuck around, and fought with me side by side, until my own negativity and the walls I put up after blaming life’s unfairness, and my own stupidity, and of course not having God as an anchor for when we went thru the storms we did, finally couldn’t take it anymore, and decided it was best for her to leave since I had given up on life, and was very close to taking my own life thinking “I have life insurance, so she’ll be ok, and I know she’ll take care of my kids” bcus she fell in love with my kids, and they reciprocated the love right back which is what caused their mother to do what she did for NO reason other than what I was able to finally beat the case & accusations thrown at us that determined she was the one behind what my children were saying. The problem again was that, bcus we didn’t have God in our relationship, and eventual marriage (that’s right, despite all that was happening, she stuck around & even married me! Now THAT’S a woman you want to keep around) eventually the negativity was too much for her to bear, and aside from literally being by my side watching me suffer for what’s now reached the 3yr mark (yes, I haven’t seen/heard from/talked to my children for 3yrs at this point), and the fact that I had given up &, again, was ready to take my own life, she told me that she “HAD to leave. Because if she’s still around when the time comes that I kill myself, then she will follow me and she can’t do that. So, I HAVE to leave.” and me thinking “well, since I’m going to kill myself anyway, let me let her go so one of us can at least have a chance at a happy life…” not realizing what I’d be giving up bcus I had already checked out mentally, I voluntarily gave up love & happiness from my own negativity.

    Still, something was inside of me that I had been denying all along, and that was God. So, a few weeks ago, after finding out that she was going to divorce me, 2hrs after finding out my job was at stake, and totaling my car that same weekend, I have had it. Between all that was going on, the fact that even though I proved our innocence in the case, & was probably still going to lose my children (which she couldn’t bear bcus she loved these kids), the fact that I was drowning in my own negativity, possibly losing my job, losing her, and my financial troubles due to all the money I spent on fighting this case that prevented us from moving in ANY direction; I felt like I was trapped in a box, shackled with these great wings that were longing to fly, I couldn’t take it. My heart couldn’t take it.

    So, I was driving home trying my hardest not to cry while driving since I couldn’t let my emotions get the best of me that’d make me wanna run my car off the road and hurting or killing myself bcus I had my puppy with me, and his life mattered more than mine in my heart, I came home, and IMMEDIATELY ran to my bedroom where I fell on my knees sobbing. I prayed harder than I ever prayed before, and asked Jesus to come into my life, and to “PLEASE! HELP ME!!” I went to sleep, thinking “God, please just take me now, bcus if you don’t–I will, and if I do–it’ll be all your fault so don’t send me to hell for this because YOU allowed this to happen to me and *with eyes closed pointing at the ‘devil’* THIS F*CKING GUY! YOU–you are the worst of the worst, and you should be ashamed of yourself!” began my reconnection with my faith. I attended a church from a Brother who for 2 years was a customer of mine, and had always told me that I was “meant to do great things in life and that God was going to use me” meanwhile, my dumb self was like “PSHH! Please. I don’t believe.” while internally trying to convince myself that that little itch within me was nothing more than fear placed on me from what I was taught as a child growing up “Christian”, and then who do I call? Him.

    So, it’s been two weeks since I FULLY made the SOLID commitment to The Lord, and was even baptized (again bcus I had when I was 15, but again, to please my parents, not for myself), and then this feeling of uneasiness fell upon me. A great sense of responsibility that feels like a 1000lbs on my heart thinking “great, I’m JUST learning to let go of the past but not forget the lessons, stop worrying about the future bcus it’s not guaranteed, and live for today, but MAN, why do I feel so guilty? Like I can’t have fun bcus everything that isn’t of the Lord is a sin, so I’m back in that box feeling like I can’t move in any direction bcus I don’t want to do anything to offend the Lord, and I thought I was supposed to be free?! What’s going on? What am I doing wrong? Did I fall victim to some false faith? Am I being real with myself? I know I’m a good person, and I surrendered to God, and I’m legitimately asking him with all my heart to fix what I have no control over, and I constantly say ‘Thy will be done!’ regardless of what’s going on in my life. Why do I feel this way?! Why do I still feel trapped, burdened, confined, & tormented?” I feel like my entire apt is against God’s will bcus I have my movies (nothing pornographic bcus I do have kids, and plus, I have the privacy of my phone for that, though I do my hardest to not give into temptation, and I’ve been doing a good job at that) but, everything else in my apt I feel like it’s a sin. From my love of professional wrestling, to the music I’ve been listening to for YEARS, it all seems to bother me, but at the same time, I know better to let it influence me or distance me from God, but at the same time, I feel like if I listen to it, or watch something on netflix that isn’t religious or watch WWE that I’d be sinning against the Lord which could destroy whatever things I’m hoping He’d fix for me, so I refrain from all of that while STILL feeling miserable inside.

    I pray to God every chance I get, and I ask for guidance, and for Him to speak to me to tell me what I should do, but even during a teary prayer, an open heart, and a blank mind, I still feel like I’m “faking it” when I really don’t believe I am, yet I’m still tormented. I do like the Church I’ve started attending bcus of what it represents, but I don’t genuinely feel comfortable in that church bcus everyone looks like they’re Amish, meanwhile my style of dress is more urban and “comfortable”, but yet that’s “frowned” upon in that church, so I’m already feeling stifled, and I’m even afraid of bring anyone to it bcus I feel that church is for the “advanced” Christian, and not the GENUINELY born again who maybe can’t make the 180 degree switch from ladies wearing pants, to a dress that covers from the neck down. I keep thinking “God wants us to come as we are, and HE will make the necessary change in our lives.” and then at the last service, ONE THING stuck in my head that keeps playing over and over and it bothers me which was “Homosexuals, you disgusting creatures! And women showing off all the goods!” and I’m like “Wait, that’s not a message of Love, that’s condemnation based on the same Gospel they’ve been preaching since the 50’s and times have changed!”

    So, part of me feels like I’m meant to be a part of a revival for THIS generation. The “Understanding” generation where straights, LGBT, and Millennials CAN be welcomed into church without feeling like they’re being persecuted for the lives they live, but rather TEACH LOVE. If all we need is LOVE, and GOD IS LOVE, then WHY would a Church immediately command someone to dress a certain way for Church off the rip instead of letting The Lord express that as I feel one should “come as you are”, believe, accept, and GOD will do the rest? So, that’s where I’m tormented bcus I’m starting to feel like I did when I was a kid, when times have changed, and it’s TIME for a revival that I feel I’m meant to lead based on how I’ve grown up with traditional family values mixed with modern day thinking & ACCEPTANCE, but yet feel like “Hey, I’m JUST starting my own journey. How can I feel like I’m ready to lead a revival? I’m NOT ready! Why am I being tormented?!?!”

    And I think I’ve just answered my own question. Sorry for making this so long. But, I welcome any and all feedback. May God bless each and every one of you. I love you all, and don’t even know you….yet.

    • Jonathan

      I used to go through the same thing last year. Felt like everything I liked to do was a sin, stayed away from those things because I thought that was the right way to do that whole Christian thing. I didn’t feel like myself, I felt miserable. But God wouldn’t want me miserable? I thought the Christian life was supposed to feel great. (I know, not everything is supposed to be hunky dory in a Christians life, but dang. This was something else.) I never came to like it. All these other Christians seem to have no problem with following God and are not stressing about it, so why am I? I would ask God and plea with him almost everyday to tell me what was wrong and to help me and change me, but I never got an answer. Not one; which also didn’t help because that made me feel abandoned by him. I eventually went back to being myself, and when I did, I felt… well, comfortable & like myself again. Right now? This morning I told God that I give up and instead of trying to change myself, I was going to be myself and let HIM change me. To let his will be done. I’m not here to say I found a solution to your problem, but I am going to say that you’re not slumming it out there alone.

    • Myra Reyes

      Hey I can totally relate. What will get us out of the torment is knowing Jesus for ourselves. Its really as simple as that. Keeping in mind that He is the author and finisher of our faith. What feels like a torment is actually just religious mindsets engraved in our hearts and minds. Also, its natural for us to feel like we need to earn something or prove ourselves. You are not the only one who goes through this. Keep in mind God is extremely patient. Christianity is a journey, not a destination. Learn to walk with God. Not run. God wants relationship, not religion. These processes are necessary to strip away old patterns of mindsets and false beliefs. Read the Word a lot. We need to renew our minds and grow in the knowledge of the Lord and measure everything against the word. Receive God’s Grace everyday. Remain in His love.

  11. Rob

    I googled ” I pray and pray yet still feel disconnected from God” and it led me to this page. I am so glad it did and will take Dan’s advice

  12. Colormepink

    This article very touches on many occasions similar to what I have been facing in the past years. You see I’m a 20-something young adult and I have been feeling literally famished in my spiritual life. I have been attending a church for the past 2.5 years or so and it is EXTREMELY difficult to connect. It’s a very very large church and the style of church is totally shifted in comparison to what I have always known as church. There is never a moment of prayer…like sincere on your knees before the Heavenly Father prayer as a congregation. I feel like prayer can be done anywhere but it bothered me when it became apparent that prayer only happened occasionally. Church for me has changed and become so modern that it comes of somewhat distant…it has some traditions but it is so brief that you barely enjoy it. Then there’s also this feeling of having to pretend like you have it together all the time. Like sometimes I wish I could just come to church find a seat and cry to God about what has been troubling my heart…but I can’t because inside just feels so picture perfect and people just don’t do that. I thought God said come as you are…The other thing is that my mom sings there and people know me as her daughter and I sometimes volunteer as a camera operator at church. In a lot of ways I feel like a lot of eyes are on me versus God. It’s pressuring to attend church for me. It’s hard because I know my mom receives blessing from that church but for me I go home saying well I went to church…but did I receive a good word for my soul…unfortunately no…not really. I don’t want to be a phoney in front of God, truly I don’t. And I don’t know how to make it to that place I yearn to be in with God spiritually. Any advice on what I should do…thanks.

  13. Ben Steinke

    The problem is that people believe that by reciting the “Sinner’s Prayer” (not found in Scripture) and believing they were given “free will” to believe in God through Jesus Christ, they are now “converted”. This is wrong. Conversion is NOT of the individual’s “choice”. This false doctrine fosters a sense that if something isn’t going right in a Christian’s life, it must be the fault of the individual, not of false doctrines. Christ even says in John 15:16, “You did not choose me, BUT I CHOSE YOU, and appointed you that you would bear fruit…” (emphasis mine) The false teaching of free moral agency places the individual on The Throne of his/her life, not Jesus Christ. The difference is between those who THOUGHT they became Christians by saying a human-created prayer and by “just believing hard enough”, and those who were converted AGAINST THEIR OWN WILL by the Holy Spirit, like the Apostle Paul. The human will is NOT “free”—only God possesses free will, and He will NOT give this to flesh-and-blood, carnal human beings. Believing you’re a Christian because someone told you that you must “choose Him” and “invite Him into your life” is NOT scriptural. This is why many people who attend church do not feel as though they are truly living the Christian path.

    • Ben,

      I choose to view man’s will in light of God’s will using the example of A.W. Tozer in his passenger ship model. It’s the only model I’ve found that makes any sense when you push to the absolute limits, while still remaining within the bounds of Scripture. Google it. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere.

      • There is no fleshly, human “model” that can override the word of God. The Scriptures make it crystal clear that God’s will is the ONLY free moral agency in the universe. If He didn’t even give HIS OWN SON a “free” will (“The words that I say to you I do not speak of My own initiative, but the Father abiding in Me does His works”–John 14:10, NASB), then He most certainly did not give the rest of carnal humanity one either. The word of God supercedes any and all human-made “models”.

        • Sam


          Usually I would say I disagree with a point of view, but in the case of your argument, you are simply wrongly interpreting scripture. 2 Lines before your quotation of John 15:16, Jesus said, “You are my friends if you do what I command.” Why would he say the word “if” when he is in control of their will? How and why would God seek to have a relationship with men unless there was free will? The disobedience of Adam and the resulting sin was the first example of free will in men, and God has shown throughout history that the choices of men decide their fate (King Solomon’s fate certainly took a nosedive after he forsook God for pagan idols). John 15:16 states, “I chose you” because Jesus had chosen his disciples when he recruited each of them to follow him, so he is being literal. This passage is not meant to be applied to how Jesus chooses his followers, because he died for the sins of all men. Where only Jews were God’s chosen people before Christ, now all men could receive salvation through faith (just read any of Paul’s epistles and this will become abundantly clear).

          As for John 14:10, Christ was carrying out the will of His father, but that does not mean that he did not have his own free will. Jesus had to pray to God many times, and each time he prayed for the will of His father to be done. If Christ had wanted to, he could have strayed from the will of His father at any point, and he could have chosen to be sinful. It was his free will that makes his perfect obedience in life and his sacrifice mean anything. So long story short, Christ had a free will, and so does the rest of humanity, which is why it is a choice to follow Christ.

          So inviting Christ into your life and accepting him as your savior IS how you become a Christian. Read:

          John 1:12, “But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.”

          Romans 10:9, “If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

          John 11:25, “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies.”

          There are countless other sources in the scripture that declare this truth, but I think these three are enough to prove my point. Faith is enough in itself for salvation, everything else follows. As Paul believed, Faith is the fulfillment of the law.

          I hope you refrain from arrogantly posting false opinions and facts that mislead others away from God in the future.

  14. ALICIA

    Hi Dan!
    First off, I wanted to thank you so very much for posting this and for leaving it posted….as you can see, it is STILL providing some healing to people (like me) after all these years!
    I’ve struggled with feeling like i am being a fake and with having full assurance of salvation…which -as anyone in this situation can agree- is terrifying and exhausting in every way imaginable. I think my main issues is because I have been in church since I was 1 week old having always known of Christ. So of course all of my sins I have committed has been when I “knew better”. So I feel into the pit of —“how could I have committed such a sin ? I knew better. I must not be a real Christian! Because a real Christian wouldn’t have done it!” And then go thru the trying to receive forgiveness but never feeling forgiven because I won’t let myself off the hook. ((Focusing on me rather than on HIM)) .
    It’s not like other people ( my friends, husband, etc) that have stories of how deep they fallen into sin and then found Jesus and climbed up from there…no longer really taking part in “the bad sins” although we all sin and God doesn’t see any sin as being better than the others…you know what I’m taking about (I hope) . I was always on the ladder and keep falling (or willingly jumping) off.
    Currently, I’ve still (unfortunately) not gotten over these struggles completely….but I am somewhat improving by trying to focus my path on God and what HE says instead of focusing on me and what my feelings are constantly screaming at me.
    My husband and I have just (after many many prayers) got connected with a new church that is actually speaking truth and living it out. Seeing some encouragement now….praying it continues. Thank you again…and God bless!

    • Alicia,

      In the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery, He says to the crowd that those who are without sin should cast the first stone. The older men dropped their rocks first.

      I think that sometimes the only way to finally rest in the Lord’s salvation is to realize the deoth of one’s sinfulness. As long as we cling to this idea that we are somehow wiser, better, smarter, holier, or whatever, we will struggle not only with sin but also with salvation.

      I know that nothing good originates from me apart from Jesus working through me. That’s how I can trust Him. And that goes a long way toward being able that rest in knowing that all the work in salvation rests entirely on Jesus, and not on me, and He is trustworthy, so my assurance is in Him.

      God bless. Lose yourself to Jesus.

  15. Steve

    Same here y’all. I’m a 6 month Christian, and struggled with this a lot in the first couple of months. I’m dealing with it now. I began questioning myself when I wasn’t/haven’t been loving people. Life feels mundane. My emotions suck and I don’t want to fake anything. I’m thst kinda guy that keeps my hands in his pockets during worship as I don’t want to be looked at as fake, especially when I don’t feel it. I read through 1 John 4 which popped a question in my heae and this is how I got here. Some verses from this chapter have me second guessing myself and worrying. 1 John 4:16 1 John 4:13 1 John 4:8
    This is by NO means to brag, At the beginning when I was on fire I had helped homeless people and went as far as sharing the gospel with one and giving them a bible, I didn’t do it out of obligation, I know the feeling I had for the person when I saw him, it was out of love. Fast forward to now and I hardly have thsee type of feelings for anyone. I feel that I am just trying to fend for myself in general and my relationship with Jesus. Any input would be greatly appreciated as well as personal experiences.

  16. Michael

    Thanks for this post!

    I’ve been stuck in a very disconnected space for months now. After attending and serving at my Church for several years since coming to faith in 2010, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable around my fellow worshippers due to all the charismatic doctrine practices. It’s very strange because up until then, it was all I’d known. I’ve been asking myself all kinds of questions regarding the Charismatic Movement, researching its origins etc and the more I read, the more I feel I’ve been deceived. Fortunately, I’m not doubting my salvation because I surrendered to Jesus before I even stepped foot into any Church. I just feel lost and confused right now without many answers as to where I go from here.


    The Church System is today is thoroughly disingenuous and hierarchical, with churchgoers mindlessly obeying pastors and believing whatever emanates from their lips, and the fact there are well over 30,000 denominations is starkly clear evidence that God has sent a spirit of deception into that system. His elect is a very small number, but the Church System still believes it is the institution of the “chosen elect”. The elect is being called OUT of that system, which may very well explain the uneasiness of many who attend these houses made by hands. Indeed, the martyr Stephen tells us how God dwells NOT in houses made by human hands (Acts 7:48), but SOLELY in the hearts of those He converts through His will alone. Those being called out of that Babylon system should pay very close attention to that call.

    • Sam

      I think it is wrong to state that God is sending a spirit of deception, since God doesn’t deal in deception (Numbers 23:19), that is solely the work of Satan. The true Church is not an institution of the chosen elect, but is meant to be a place where all are entirely equal. Christ was very clear about his view of social status having nothing to do with faith except to work against it, and God chose for Christ to be born into a manger and live and die as a commoner over being born as a king and calling thousands of angels to protect him. Judaism was a religion about the chosen elect, Christianity was born as a religion with no social hierarchy. Christ taught, “The greatest among you must be a servant” (Matthew 23:11).

      I’m not sure what you mean by the elect being called out of the Church system, but it doesn’t sound like something God is doing in the Church. I do agree about the insane amount of denominations and the prevalence of hierarchical and political structures that take away from the overall mission of the Church though.

  18. Matt

    I would get some good books like Mere Christianity and the Case for Christ and of course study the Bible. There’s never going to be absolute proof. No CSI detective saying yes Jesus was here we have DNA evidence now. For me it’s events that have happened in my life and personal connections where I see the work of God. Likely you have some as well, take heart and have faith in those.

    Why doesn’t God come back once in a while? Why all the suffering in the world? Has an amputee ever prayed and had a limb grow back?

    You can ask question after question and not really get anywhere. Faith is largely about believing in the answer instead of asking a million questions.

    I think a reason for a lot of doubt and pain is that this is a fallen world since Adam and Eve, it wasn’t supposed to be like this, it was supposed to be paradise. Best wishes on your journey!

  19. Mick

    Don’t listen to the father of lies, rest in Jesus Christ. Seek and you will find. Remember patience. God is not at your convenience it’s a 2 way relationship. He is doing a work in you and getting that junk out can be a hard road. In the name of Jesus Christ the son of God who died and rose again never give up.

    He who endures to the end will be saved

  20. Kenzie

    I have kind of felt the same way as all these people have commented before me. It really helps seeing someone 2,3 years felt the same way and have overcome it. I’ve been struggling with this and honestly questioning if I was predestined to be a faker and that made me really sad because not only am I questioning myself I’m also questioning God’s goodness and that’s not good either. It also gave me a feeling of hopelessness because I was questioning if I committed the unpardonable sin, but now that it’s been clarified by a trusted sister in Christ, I haven’t. I’m working through it though, I was in a worse place a month ago, and it’s getting better. In that month, I was asking for answers from God as to where to go, what to do, what’s the truth. I got the answer of discernment, which really just leads to asking more questions, but a less worrisome process. What’s really cool about this post is 1.) It was posted on my birthday, 2.) It reminded me of Among Us, and 3.) It was posted before I came to know Christ and God knew I would find it 7 years after its original posted date. That’s about 6 years I’ve been trying to follow His word. I’m pretty young, so that’s about half of my life, a little less. I did cry like 10 minutes before reading this over these things, and it has boosted my hope. A message to those who read this after I post it: I hope posting this has given you something to relate to as other people have done the same thing. May God bless!

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