Something’s Gotta Give!


Between doing my exceedingly complex taxes, writing & editing for my business, waking the farm from its long winter’s nap, picking up the slack while my wife’s been sick, fighting the Wal-Mart that’s supposedly coming to town, trying to fight the RealID monstrosity, editing a novel and novella for publication, and writing another novel…well, this boy is strung out!

What’s gotta give? The finale of my series “Banking on God.”  The bad news is that I won’t be able to finish it this week, especially since the final posts will be on the tough financial times we are facing as individuals, churches, and a nation. Plenty to say on that, and I want to give it proper attention.

So I’ll be picking up the series next Monday, I hope. Thanks for understanding.

Meanwhile, here are a few links you should check out if you haven’t already:

Jan at the view from her (which is possibly my favorite blog title) regularly discusses a number of issues facing Christian singles, especially from the female point of view. Though I long ago tied the knot, I was single long enough to still resonate with much of Jan writes. Plenty of great insights into Christin living in general, too.

Travis at On the Other Hand talks some of the same financial smack as I do here, but interspersed with talk on comic books! How cool is that?

Rick at RickIaniello charts that wise middle course on all things theological. Lots of common sense Christianity at that blog. Love the “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse” photo of Rick + cigar.

The Pearcey Report is the online news source of first regard should I need a dose of newsblogging. Plenty of secular news, plus news of peculiar interest to Christians.

Milton at Transforming Sermons gives Cerulean Sanctum a lot of link love. Here’s to you, Milton, for locating consistently superb writing from other fine bloggers and sharing it with us.

And lastly, if you love genuine horror stories, check out Mish’s insights at his Global Economic Trend Analysis blog. Read enough posts there and you’ll be ready for the finale of my series next week! (HT: Oengus Moonbones)

Have a great weekend,


One of Those Weeks


Folks, it's been one of "those" weeks. A dozen trillion things on the schedule and not enough Dan to go around—I don't even have that many cells in my body.

Missed Thursday's deadline, but today I offer some thought-provoking posts I've read elsewhere. Read at your own risk!

Stay tuned for Monday when I write about "anti-biblical" rituals, forgotten Christmas hymns, and lessons from St. Nicholas Day.