Like Unto Him


Lately I have been struck by all the division I see within the Church, especially in America. Many people are abandoning their churches and either moving to another one or starting their own. I’m not sure we Christians are growing in numbers across the country, but we sure seem to be hopping churches like mad.

The more I think about it, the more it seems that all we are doing is dividing ourselves into ever smaller—and potentially less effective—particles of Christianity. I can’t believe this is what Christ had in mind for His bride.

And this takes me back to the crux of the problem: What does Jesus have in mind for the Church?

God’s thoughts are far beyond any mere man’s, but the promise of the Bible is that as we mature, we become more like Jesus – and that means we think more like Him. Given that His thoughts are not a jumble of divergent theologies, I’ve got to believe that as true Christians grow in Christ we begin to take on Christ’s mind, therefore beginning to not only look and think more like Him, but also more like each other. For if each person who claims Christ’s name is growing in Him, we should all begin to think along the same lines as our Master. The natural recourse of this is that divisions should be decreasing, not increasing, as we take on the mind of Christ.

It’s a simple transitive math theory: If A=Jesus and B=Jesus, then A=B.

Extrapolate that out for all the variables that bear the mark of Jesus and you have one inescapable conclusion. The more each Christian looks like Jesus, the more he/she looks like the rest of those in the Body of Christ.

Now this does not eliminate our gifting differences, our talents, our personalities, or even the fact that we tend to emphasize different portions of the walk of Faith differently from one to another, but it does mean that we all come to a single Truth.

Church, are we in line with a single Truth? Do you believe a single Truth exists that governs the life of the believer and makes us of one mind?

2 thoughts on “Like Unto Him

  1. Anonymous

    Dan, I didn’t see a date on your bog. Maybe my response is out of date. If so my apologies.

    You may disagree with my thinking but here goes:

    The church (as I see it) are those who believe in JESUS as THE MESSIAH. The Church (as I see it) is not a group of people claiming a status in a thought or a union in a thought. The Church (as I see it) are those who follow Christ in all that THEY do regardless of where a Church may lead.

    I believe that claiming an inclusive membership of any organized church is vanity and/or a pride issue.

    Those who claim Christ in heart,deed and thought will recognize that truth. A membership in GODs family is not brought about by our decision. It is brought about by HIS choosing us not us choosing HIM.

    We as a species are a prideful self-centered group. In the established Church we offer an opportunity for salvation even though we do not have that right. Our instructions were to go out making disciples. Disciples are those who have denied any claim to authorship, knowledge (apart from HIM), or need (apart from HIS provision).

    The established church teaches just the opposite. The Health and Proserity message is seperate from the WORDS of JESUS.

    Gold and Silver do not compare with the treasures (knowledge,wisdom and understanding) of Heaven.

    The Organized Established Church offers healings of physical health but not emotional and/or spiritual worth. The Organized Established Church offers material prosperity but not knowledge, wisdom or understanding of which they cannot give.

    The Church that JESUS is building is filled with those who reject the treasures of this earth and seek (by HIS authority) neither riches of wordly possession nor health that will provide eternal life but that which will stand for all eternity, “Knowledge” ( of HIM and HIS) which gives “Understanding” of what HE is doing and why, and “Wisdom” which directs us in a closer living intimate relationship with HIM.

    I do not desire to offend you but simple to call your heart closer into that relationship with HIM.

    Living in the box of man ordained protocol is no different then kicking against the stones.Protocols are those rules which The Organized Established Churches (any) have layed down before you to close your mind to the possibilities that GODs has for us all.

    The Free Choice you believe you have is a choice only between GODs total control or your limited control. It cannot be any other way.

  2. Eliazar

    I think within the lines of the last gentleman. May we proclaim this truth not only within the confines of a building where Christians regularly meet, but upon the air of world which begs to know the truth outside.

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