Prophetic or Pathetic?


Sorry for the lack of updates folks. I’ve been mired in taxes and locating income. Now that the first part, at least, has been resolved, I hope to have more submissions in the future.

For now I ask questions about the growing strength of “prophetic ministries” and their sway over many charismatics. Just the other day I heard an ad on the radio for a prophetic conference that was coming to town. I had to ask myself, if this is truly a prophetic move, then why does it have to travel? Why not stay at home and issue the prophetic words from a central location. Much cheaper and more efficient.

The sad answer is that surely too much money is involved. Register people who are desperate and want a painless prophecy spoken over them (rather than spending the hours in prayer needed to hear from God on their own) and let them be satisfied with the 60% accuracy claimed by Rick Joyner, one of the big names out there in the “prophetic.”

The gift of prophecy is a real gift, but it seems to me that this modern equivalent is more pathetic than prophetic. That these new prophets are as wrong as often as right seems to paint God as capricious in His ability to bring things to pass. That is not the God I serve.

I feel for the people who get “a word” spoken over them only to have it never be. Many such people have been so repeatedly burned that they’ve adopted the attitude of the villagers in the fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. When a real prophecy comes down, will they heed it or yawn? And still they go to the prophetic conference.

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  1. Anonymous

    As I said before.

    A prophet often has no honour in his own country, this was a problem that even Jesus experienced. Jesus himself had an itinerant minstry, travelling around to bless people instead of making people come to him, or sending them messages.

    I don’t know enough about the “prophetic ministries” that you were commenting on to agree or disagree about the financial aspects of their conferences, just pointing out that there is good biblical precedent for itinerant prophetic ministries.

  2. Anonymous

    Greetings to you in the mighty name of Jesus!
    Can you tell me anything about the prophets-couple Stephen and Rita Fidele from the USA, who are currently having a “prophetic” week with a certain ministry here in Holland. I have tried to find out about their background, but found nothing, no link whatsoever. Do you know them? If you know anything at all, please let me know. Herman S.J. Pot
    Stay blessed, shalom.

  3. Martine

    I know Steve(real name) and Rita Fidele from the USA. They were invited to my local church 5 or 6 years ago. A few years prior to that visit, I was diagnosed with a precancer of the uterus. I had to have an operation.
    But a few years after that operation (one week before the visit of Steve and Rita) I found out the precancer was coming back. So I told only 2 friends to pray. And I had in my heart to search through out the bible for verses about healing, healer, health, and prayed on those promesses for my healing. I had put my faith on Him and expected to recieve. Hte following weekend, Steve and Rita were visiting my church. That sunday morning, at the end of the service, Rita gave my a word. She did not know anything, not even my pastor, and she told me that God washealing me in my female part. At that moment a hot heat invaded me from bottom to top. In ;hte following 2 weeks the growth diminished til it desapeared completly. Now 5 or 6 years later, my doctor say I am fine. God healed me.

    My name is Martine Grenier, I am from Bromont, Quebec, Canada.

  4. suzette

    Hey there…I gotta tell you, I have been in one of Rita’s services…and she totally hears from God! It was amazing..and the presence of the Lord was so great! I want to meet Steve now! She calls it like it is…and is totally honest …..and relies on God. She called me out..and I have never been called out before….and the weird thing is….it was amazing…and I wasn’t nervous. God is amazing! It was the first time I ever was in service she preached at! God truly uses this woman! Suzette

  5. sherry rafferty

    Steve and Rita are absolutely gifted in the prophetic. My husband and I were called out at a service in our Church 3 years ago. We never met them before and they gave us words of healing (fulfilled), words for increase (fulfilled) and told us things about us and our family that they couldn’t possibly have known. They are truly anointed by God. Our lives will never be the same. We have believed and contended for every word that was spoken over us that night. Sherry

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