Valentine’s Day Thank Yous!


Valentine’s Day is a good day to be thankful.

I want to thank the Lord for the marvelous way He overwhelmed me with His love last night. Even in the midst of the gray of a Southern Ohio February, His love shines through.

I want to thank all the readers of Cerulean Sanctum. Every time I get an e-mail saying how much this blog has touched you, it makes my day.

Than you, too, to the folks at TheOoze that put up with my hard-nosed, decidedly-NOT-postmodern posts that seem to rile up a lot of people there. I really do care. When you find Truth, hold on.

Thank you to one of the great blog advocates out there, Hugh Hewitt. I don’t know how he does it, but I’ve e-mailed him a few times on blogging subjects and he’s ALWAYS written a personal response back. That’s commitment to other people when you get thousands of e-mails and still have the time to respond. (I wonder if his wife ever sees him, though!)

Thanks to LaShawn Barber who also has not let her popularity take away her personal touch.

Thank you to Diane over at Crossroads; she’s referenced several of my posts in the past and always leaves good comments here. She’s now talking about Reformed Charismatics (and that does not mean “ex-“—think Reformation here) and I for one welcome all the Reformed Charismatic bloggers that are starting to show up. You may be the future of the charismatic movement. (At least I hope so!)

Thank you to David over at not perfection for always having good things to say and for being a personal encouragement. It’s sad to see him leave blogging, but to everything there is a season.

Thanks also to Chris over at Paradoxology for not being afraid to tackle the hard questions of the Faith.

In fact, thank you to ALL the Christian bloggers out there. I read so many good blogs anymore that I feel humbled to even share the same Internet with you folks!

But most of all, thank you to my wife and son for loving me no matter what. Your love and care mean more to me than you can imagine. I love you both so much!

Take care, everyone, and don’t just tell someone you love them today, let them know why, and how thankful you are for them.


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