Wanted: The Next Killer Blogging App


Code for FoodWho says I have to make a spiritual comment all the time? Today, I’m calling all geeks out there to complete a very needed task. I’m putting out a request for the next killer app for bloggers.

This is what I want: A way to track all the comments I leave on other blogs.

That’s it. Leave a comment somewhere and this app records the URL of the comment automatically. Make it work with Blogger and Haloscan, for sure. Movable Type, Type Pad, and Live Journal would be essential, too. As for everyone else? Well, you can’t please everyone. I’m a Mac guy. I’m used to that.

Even better? You could have it open up and show in a single window your orginal comment and any comments that have come after it. No need to go to the various sites you posted comments to in order to do follow-up.

Oh, and I need it like yesterday.

(BTW, the image is copyright John C. Dvorak, and its history is documented here. Sorry for the lack of previous rights given.)

6 thoughts on “Wanted: The Next Killer Blogging App

  1. Sozo

    Ummmm, this isn’t the elegant solution you’re looking for, but you could just bookmark the post that you’ve commented on for easy reference later on.

    Even better, if you use Firefox you can group all these bookmarks together under one folder and and Firefox can open them up all at the same time in different tabs.

    Then you just have to delete the bookmark when it gets sufficiently old.

    Just a thought.

  2. I added an attribution in the original post. Apologies to John C. Dvorak for my lack of previous attribution on a copyrighted image. (My original source gave no credit. Don’t sue me!)The new info above has a link to the story behind the pic. I thought about not using it at first, since I knew it was a real homeless man, but if he didn’t have any problems with it, then I guess I shouldn’t be overly sensitive about it.

  3. Sozo,

    I thought about your suggestion, but the truth is that it doesn’t work. I use Firefox and am well acquainted with its tabbing abilities. However, too many comment windows pop instead of going to a tab. This makes the group tabbing feature of Firefox useless for these.

    A Firefox extension that would work as a button in the status bar would be a great idea. It could write to a comment file that could be tracked. This would get around the window vs. tab issue. In fact, a current Firefox extension, Quicknote, already has this kind of functionality.

    Hello?! Anyone listening?

  4. Yeah yeah, I want one of those cool aps too! But I also want something that will tell me when someone leaves a comment on my site. If it’s an old post, I don’t always catch the comment right away.
    I have Halo Scan, so I don’t get an email like with blogger. Since they’ve improved blogger’s commenting, I’d like to switch back to Blogger’s commenting I think, but I don’t know how to do that without losing the old comments.

    Though…I suppose this is not the place to ramble on about such an inquiry. Alright, I’ll go compose my own post about it.

    Apologies for posting a largely unhelpful comment 🙂

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