The Curse of the Inert Blog



Sorry for the inert state of the blog this last week or so. The wife and I celebrated our ninth anniversary (delayed by more than a week) over the Memorial Day weekend, I got several new projects from clients all at once (wonderful!), we replaced all our major kitchen appliances and the replacements came this week (marvelous!), and I was up till 5 AM again last night with a kid with a case of the barfs (ugh.)

More pics of pencilsNow just ask me about the 1,400 piece outdoor playset I promised I would put up this weekend after I mow nine acres of grass.

Oh, to have my issues, right? Still, there’s “busy” and then there’s “Edelen busy”—that’s somewhere between “frantic” and “total cellular mitochondrial meltdown.”

Truth is, I have two posts I was going to put up, but I’ve been a tad leery of doing so. One is a reply to Tim Challies’s fine post on “pyromarketing,” and the other is the lament of the tortured Christian writer—that’s me—trying to discern the landscape of today’s publishing market. The first is epic in length and will only make enemies, I fear, while the second, if posted, may alienate any potential publishers who might have considered my novels worthy to see print. In others words, both may be languishing in Blogger Draft Mode because they’re too incendiary to see the light of day. That doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

So hang in there. Would continue to appreciate prayers for health for my family as not a week has gone by since March 1st where all of us have been healthy. It’s nearly summer and the Edelen household is acting like it’s the height of flu season. We’ll miss our fourth small group meeting in the last three months tomorrow night, so this is hurting our fellowship as well.

Hang in there. Maybe I’ll get the nerve to post one of my two drafts, but right now I need all the friends I can get!

Love and Peace in the Lord,


3 thoughts on “The Curse of the Inert Blog

  1. John

    Loving Father, I lift before your throne the Edelen household, and I come against every work of the enemy, every plan, scheme, device or sickness that he would use against them, I come against him in the name of Jesus and bind him, render him useless against this family. I loose the holy Spirit’s power into every situation and give you the glory Lord.

    Than you Lord for your word that say’s… that where two or more agree on anything touching this earth, it shall be granted!

    In Jesus mighty name! Amen.

    Be assured of our prayers Dan, for you and your family!


  2. Brian Colmery

    Me and mine (which is pretty much just me) are praying for you too, Dan. “Edelen busy” sounds similar to “Colmery busy,” only with a wife and children… God bless, man!

  3. Thanks guys. Friday I had to take my son to the emergency room, but he’s recovered well, praise the Lord!

    Still, despite our insurance, we’re getting waylaid by stuff that is not covered entirely. The fact that a procedure costs $1600 and you wind up only paying $400 of that still means that you are out $400. I don’t know about you, but I consider $100 a lot of money, so four times that is stiff. Today’s emergency room visit will cost more than $350, even with insurance. I spent more than $300 treating my sinus infection, too (virtually no generic antibiotics work against the superstrains of bacteria out there. EVERYTHING is “non-formulary.” That out-of-pocket expense adds up fast!

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