From CT: Two Men Swimming Against the Tide


I almost blogged about my epic trial this week to locate a single copy of Christianity Today. For a magazine that was once the most widely published of its type, I couldn’t believe what a struggle it was to find the title anywhere.

That said, the online version serves up two articles I think are worthy of note.

First, the man gracing the cover of the July edition is one of my favorite preachers/pastors, Jack Hayford. The title of the article about him, “The Pentecostal Gold Standard“, nails it. Christianity Today feature on Jack HayfordI’m glad to know that Jack Hayford is on the side of folks like me who have a charismatic background. As much flak as Hayford takes for being a Pentecostal, John MacArthur counts him as a close friend, as does Lloyd Ogilvie. What a testimony that Hayford can serve as that kind of a bridge. When white flight hit his church’s surrounding neighborhood, Hayford stayed put. And he always prays over every seat in the massive Church on the Way that God blessed him with, a church that started out with just a handful of people. Not only has Hayford never pastored anywhere else, but he’s never had a desire to. A man of that kind of character is so very rare today. God bless him!

Second, an interview with Dennis Bakke stirred my heart after my business series. Formerly the CEO of a large energy company, Bakke realized that it took more than lip service to “Kingdom Principles of Leadership” to bring the empowerment of Christ into the workplace. His radical ideas of how to make work enjoyable and to truly cultivate teamwork are insane from the viewpoint of what many Christians have been told work should be. But I have to admit, I loved everything he said. He has a new book out, too, that I will have to read. It may be the breath of fresh air we all need after years of stifling books on leadership. I’ll let you read the article to find out the book’s title, okay? 😉

Two Christian men trying to do it right while doing it differently—kudos to both of them!

2 thoughts on “From CT: Two Men Swimming Against the Tide

  1. Jack Hayford was my pastor for 8 years at the Church on the Way. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t been there. But, I thought his brand of Pentecostalism—balanced and a bit more academic and exegetical—was the norm. LOL…imagine my surprise when I went to other Pentecostal/Charismatic churches afterwards.

    As for John MacArthur, I enjoy listening to him even if he very anti-Charismatic. He gave Hayford a lot of grief in the early days but Hayford never wavered to be his friend.
    MacArthur over all IMO is a very good Bible teacher and very good in teaching about proper church organizational structure. But when he starts talking about healing not being in the Atonement, I just click the radio off…LOL.

  2. Diane,

    Stunning difference, huh?

    I love the preaching in the Pentecostal church I go to now. The pastor is in the midst of a teaching on the tripartite nature of Man and it’s so good that I asked his permission today to put it up on Cerulean Sanctum in MP3 format when he finishes it. He said yes.

    Trust me, it takes a lot of high quality teaching to get me to go to that length. I hope people will listen to the series because it’s outstanding. He should be wrapping it up by the end of the month, so we’ll see!

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