Three for Thursday, July 28


Three 4 ThursdayWith so many blogs dedicated to tearing down this belief system or boiling the wayward in oil, it’s nice to know there are a few respites from the battle. So today I’m featuring three kinder, gentler blogs that are balms for the soul:

Bob at Mr. Standfast has stood fast on the purpose for his blog: seeking to edify the saints. Always ready with a good word or with a link to one, Bob has carved out a fine niche for his excellent blog. Considering that he works in library sciences, would he have any other kind of blog than one that says, “Shhh, be still and know that He is God”?

Jared, the wereblogger, goes the contemplative route with Shizuka Blog. Great things to ponder. Also very quiet (the meaning of “Shizuka.”)

John over at SCOTWISE takes the highland road. His blend of encouragement through Scripture and outstanding quotes is a far cry from the gnashing of teeth you get elsewhere. The title of the blog may shout, but there are still waters here.

Have a blessed day.

5 thoughts on “Three for Thursday, July 28

  1. jared

    Thanks so much โ€” again โ€” for the link, Dan.
    I guess I need to go post something at the site now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Whoa, Jared, you just got the medal for fastest response to a post here! I hit the Blogger post button, took a couple bites of my sandwich, reloaded the page and your comment was already there.

  3. Dan –

    As a gnasher and tearer, I resemble that. Oh well, my mother would now give you permission to call me John Allan. She was always telling me I was too loud!:)

    I’m not familiar with Jared but I give a hearty amen to the other two … which makes me wonder if I shouldn’t get to know Jared’s work.


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