I’ve been isolated this week working on several projects. We don’t watch much TV here, either. As a result, Hurricane Katrina didn’t register at first.

Now that the scope of the horror left behind by this hurricane is coming to the fore, please consider checking out Truth Laid Bear’s list of blogs and charities they represent.


Father God, we pray your mercy for the people of the Gulf Coast who have been devastated by this storm. Where there is disease, bring healing; where there is grief, joy; where there is want, fulfillment; where there is fear, love; and where there is injustice, justice. We beseech you, Lord, on behalf of those who have lost everything that they receive the consolation of Job. Help those of us who have been blessed by your abundance to give all we can to those who have nothing left. And we pray for all Americans now, Lord, that we might turn away from our self-centeredness and return to You in this desperate hour. We pray this all in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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