Rob Does the Job!


Rob WilkersonRob Wilkerson, a charismatic Reformed pastor, has compiled a running list of this current conversation between charismatics and cessationists. It's the kind of resource that would have taken me five days to put together—it's that thorough.

Everyone should take a look at his post "A Theological Pillow Fight: Refereeing the Debate Between Cessationists and Charismatics." There are enough links there to wear out your mouse from all the clicking.

Consider adding Rob to your blogroll, too. His blog Miscellanies on the Gospel is one of my daily reads and is consistently biblical and thoughtful.

One thought on “Rob Does the Job!

  1. Rob Wilkerson

    Wow! What a big nose I have! Looks like I need to shave too!

    Thanks for the kind words and recommendations, Dan. Likewise, your work here is a regular part of my coffee time!

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