Prayers Needed for This Week


Praying HandsFrom time to time, I ask for prayer. I need it. I know you do, too. As part of the extension of my comments earlier this year about changing the way the Godblogosphere operates, I want to periodically ask for prayer and also solicit prayer requests. The "21 Steps to a 21st Century Church" listed our lack of prayer high in the list of things to correct. I'll be trying to correct that this year—in my own life and in this blog.

Request #1: A friend who was instrumental in getting my wife and me together recently found out she has cancer, a rare form that was supposed to be the 1% or less possibility for a type of tumor that is usually benign. Julie is a dear person who is always looking out for others. Since her diagnosis, she has gone through a rough time of trying to make sense of the best course of treatment while balancing caring for increasingly fragile parents. She also has her own business and needs to keep it going while she goes through treatment.

Please pray that God would restore Julie's health, bring help her way for her parents, and keep her work load sufficient for her needs while gets medical help.

Thank you.

Request #2: I'm now on my third illness in the last month and would appreciate prayers not only for me, but for my family. Please also pray that the Lord's favor would rest on our household.

Thank you.

A happy note: Chris & Kathy Edelen (my middle brother and his wife) ushered their first child into the world on Sunday the 22nd. Welcome Conor Edward Edelen! (At least I think that's how they chose to spell "Conor"! Bad uncle!)

Obligatory "They Grow Up So Fast" note: My son lost his first tooth just an hour after hearing that he had a new cousin.

If you have any prayer requests, please leave them in the comments. All I ask is that if you do leave a comment that you take time to pray for everyone else who asked for prayer.


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10 thoughts on “Prayers Needed for This Week

  1. Ken Fields


    Please know that, although we’ve never met, you have been an instrument of God in my life. Not only will I remember you and your needs in prayer today, but I will continue to praise and thank God for you and your family.

    A member of your extended blog family,

  2. Helen

    Already done! Congrats on Conor! And I am sure you are not a “bad uncle”!

    I just lost my mother about two weeks ago and need strength to carry on with settling her affairs and at work. Thank you in advance.

  3. Andy, Ken, Christine, and Milton,

    Thank you for your prayers. I got better late last week and was out and about on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but I’ve been remarkably tired and yesterday I developed what’s most certainly a sinus infection. My sinuses have been a wreck all year.

    Anything I can pray for?

  4. candleman

    Hi All,

    Pray for my friend Troy. I have been witnessing to him for a while, and the Lord is opening his eyes to spiritual things for the first time since I known him. Last Monday I had the opportunity to meet with him and relay the Gospel message to him like I have not been able to before.

    There are 3 other believers in Troy�s life that God is using to help him come to the realization that this world and its system doesn’t have much to offer and until he meets the Price of Peace he will never experience true peace and contentment that last no matter the circumstances that life brings. Pray that God will continue to open his eyes to see and his ears to hear spiritual truth, and the Holy Spirit will continue to draw Troy onto Himself. Pray that God will sustain Troy’s life long enough on earth in order for him to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


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