That Busyness Thing Again


The phone rang off the hook Wednesday. I spent nearly my entire day glued to my desk and the computer on top of it just trying to pull all the threads of my life together. Then I went to the visitation for the mother/mother-in-law of some friends of mine. Afterwards, I shopped for some milk to replace the entire gallon of milk that just so happened to spoil completely one day after its expiration date.

One stinking day. In other words, those bacteria spun out of asexual control.

I’m attempting to blog on Word and Image, but the more I write, the more ponderous it all gets. At some point, I either overemphasize my point, add in too much supporting material, go down too many trails while illustrating the extent of the problem, and possibly even include too many Scripture verses. Yes, you heard that last one right. When a blog post get to be about ten pages long, perhaps you’ve included too much of everything.

So my post is too busy. Subsequently, it’s in limbo. Maybe I can get it out next week. Maybe.

In the mean time, just so reading this hasn’t been a total waste, here are a few blogs worth noting:

Letters from Kamp Krusty

I’ve been reading Brant Hansen’s blog of Christian snark for about a year. His commentary on the lamer side of all things Evangelical is not only shamefully accurate, but brutally funny. Not always for the faint of heart, and definitely not for the self-righteous, Brant’s what Larry David would’ve been had Larry been born an OT prophet.

The Gospel-Driven Church

Jared Wilson of The Thinklings uncorks a new blog, and like champagne, it goes down smooth, but with some kick at the end. And though he didn’t like my post on saints and sinners too much, I still say, “Check the brother out.”

Chandrakant Chavada

If you want to know what’s going on in the Church in India, Chandrakant’s blog is a great way to start. I’m blessed every time I read of the miraculous works going on in that country. God is moving in India and restoring people to Himself. And that’s always a good thing to read!

8 thoughts on “That Busyness Thing Again

  1. Brant,

    I never miss a post. Anytime I’m feeling low, a quick trip to your blog perks me back up again. As Carson used to say, “Weird, wild stuff!”

    And BTW, you’ve got the leadership thing nailed. I’m eagerly awaiting the rest of the 417 entries.

  2. M.E. Huffmaster

    Thanks for the links, Dan. Letters from Camp Crusty …..dang, I’m laughing just thinking about it! :)) Brent is a total stitch!

    Life’s too short to not have any fun! 🙂

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