Looking for an Overview Book on Christianity


I’d like to locate a book written to a late elementary or early middle school understanding covering the history of Christianity post-resurrection from a primarily Protestant perspective. Unfortunately, I’m not having much luck.

What the book would feature:

1. A basic look at the expansion of Christianity around the globe
2. Highlights of major events in the Church
3. Short biographies of important Christians from the apostles up to the present day
4. Nice layout with easy readability, quality illustrations, and a good amount of intriguing info to keep a child reading

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it if you passed them along. I’ve been looking at Christianity, which is a typically high-quality Dorling Kindersley book, but I would like to have other options.


9 thoughts on “Looking for an Overview Book on Christianity

  1. I don’t know of anything written specifically for elementary/middle school, but I have been happy with the Zondervan Handbook to the History of Christianity. It’s not bad as a broad overview. And compared to other Christian history books, it does a fair job of covering the spread of Christianity outside of Europe.

  2. Laura W.

    What I used for home school was a book from Thomas Nelson called Exploring Church History by Howard F. Vos, but I would consider it more high school level.

    The best resource on Church history I have ever been able to find — for anyone — was a magazine called Christian History and Biography. Unfortunately it is no longer being published. But all the back issues are available on CD Rom from christianhistorystore.com.

    Maybe you should write a Church History for younger readers, Dan. I know many home school moms would buy it.

  3. Valerie in CA

    That age group does best with biographical sketches, in terms of cementing in their memory. There are tons of resources available along those lines. My 10 year old son has enjoyed the Ten Boys Who… series.

    Within the homeschooling realm, two books seem to be commonly used: The Church in History by Kuiper and Christian History Made Easy by Jones. Another that is somewhat popular is Trial and Triumph by Hannula. I can’t vouch for any of them, since I haven’t read them. Each has their weaknesses in terms of bias, I’m sure.

    J.I. Packer recommends the Jones book, if that is helpful.

  4. Matthew from Alaska

    I realize you are looking for one book but have you checked out this series?


    I do not have them or read them in any depth. I looked through them at the Trinity bookstore two summers ago. They are not heavily illustrated as you would want, but otherwise seemed well done.

  5. Valerie in CA

    If you’re willing to spend a bit more time, you could do a survey of world history with the history of Christianity embedded in it. The Mystery of History, volume 2 would cover most of the time period you’re looking for. Its written for 4th-8th grade age group but can be used with younger or older, with modification. Its designed for use over a school year.


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