A New Look (In Progress)


I made some big commitments today in the behind-the-scenes functions of Cerulean Sanctum. To keep up with changes in WordPress and the SEO world, I instituted some upgrades.

Sadly, the old Regulus theme that I modded so long ago, can’t keep up with the changes.

Thus—and quite abruptly—a new look.

And that look will change, too. Some of the old flavor of the original will come back.

But Regulus is out, and Sophia (a child theme of Thematic) is in. You might say there’s a bit of a Sophia movement (joking, joking, people—no need to write nasty letter) going on here at Cerulean Sanctum.

Best of all, the site should be much faster and more searchable by Google. At least that’s what they tell me.

So hold on tight while the site changes. All the content will still be here; it will, I hope, be more readable and accessible.

Thanks for being a reader!

7 thoughts on “A New Look (In Progress)

  1. A suggestion: If you keep the background white, the title graphic’s fade from left to right is so stark, it actually makes my right eye hurt. You can subscribe to comments without commenting now? Nice touch!!!

    • Peyton,

      A combo of three things:

      1. Using a new caching plugin (which was what broke the previous theme)
      2. A new, optimized theme
      3. Removing some sidebar items that were making too many external script calls

  2. Sulan

    Thanks for keeping me updated! I enjoy coming here, reading your article and the resounding posts that follow. Love that all feel free to throw their input in — I find that so healthy.

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