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Forgotten God by Francis ChanA heads up for readers: June 2010’s free audio book from is Francis Chan’s Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit. You can get it—and all the other free downloads each month—here:

I am always impressed with Chan’s preaching, so I’m sure this book is a winner. And hey, it’s free!

And for more along this topic of neglecting the Holy Spirit, please see one of the most commented upon posts here at Cerulean Sanctum, The Holy Who?.

One thought on “Great, Free Download from for June

  1. Dan:

    I agree, both the audiobook and the print book are excellent and better than Crazy Love. I did a chapter-by-chapter review of the book on my blog back in March / April and I will admit, ever since I read the book, it has stirred up a “hornet’s nest” of hunger, restlessness, and a desire of more of the Holy Spirit and the feeling that I am so-so close but can not receive it just yet.

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