Cerulean Sanctum: The Radio Interviews


I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I had been interviewed for “Wise People,” a radio show on the Dallas/Ft. Worth Christian radio station KDKR, 91.3. The gracious host for the program is Jim Norman.

Those two interviews will air July 10 and 17 at 8:30 AM CDT. The live audio stream page for KDKR is here. The “Wise People” site will have those interviews archived after they air, so you can download copies, if you wish.

2 thoughts on “Cerulean Sanctum: The Radio Interviews

    • Seymour,

      You’ve heard it said, “He has a face for radio.” Well, I suspect that I have not only a face for radio but also a voice for print. 😉

      Honestly, what I hear in my head of my own voice is strong and commanding, but I come off a little mush-mouthed in recordings.

      That said, I think the interviews went really well. I can’t remember the last time I spoke on a subject and felt the whole thing flowing through me in a way that meant no awkward pauses or defaults to “Um” or any of the other problems that plague speakers. We crammed a ton of material into the time allotments, but I said what I wanted to and the ending felt natural and right. I really think the Spirit was guiding it all.

      I don’t think that regular readers of Cerulean Sanctum will hear anything they haven’t read here before, but the major themes were there, and again, I think it flowed nicely.

      My only concern for the program is that I may have to compete against “Car Talk” on NPR. 😉

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