One thought on “The “Wise People” Interviews

  1. Jeremy

    Hey Dan,
    I enjoyed hearing you speak on these issues after only experiencing your thoughts from reading your blog. It seems that you have a very healthy and simple approach in how to alter the course of the church and therefore the world. It is simple in the sense that we should have been doing this all along especially since these were Jesus’ last words before ascending, “Go into all the world and preach…”

    This interview resonated with me because my pastor has asked me to help teach a discipleship course at our church, starting this fall. It is a course that lasts 12 weeks. The vision is that the topics and depth progress year after year as those who finish the first 12 weeks graduate to the next level. The goal is getting those who graduate to take someone under their wing and disciple them.

    Though this is not a perfect program, it is a start. The problem however is finding leaders, teachers, and congregants who are willing to take the time to disciple. Obviously, the pastor can not disciple everyone. How do you get people in our culture and churches to be passionate about discipling their friends and family? Are there any churches out there who have people (lay-folks and leaders)stampeding the pastors office to get involved and help? My experience is that it’s like pulling teeth and people just don’t have time (or so they say).

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