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Sorry for the extreme silence lately, dear readers. It’s been a zoo here in recent days. Good stuff for the Edelen household, but it makes me wonder how bloggers who write epic posts every day manage the feat. Plus, since I write for a living, sometimes I don’t want to spend my nonworking time writing. Fellow writers know what I mean. Riding the chair all day can be a grind.

The good news is that my wife found a job outside the home while finishing some college classes she was taking to supplement her existing degree. This was a blessing from God, most assuredly. Our family is adjusting to this change, especially since I was assuming she would be home during my son’s summer vacation. Needless to say, that has been an unexpected responsibility for this work-from-home dad.

Business is typically down a bit during June and July, but this year has proven the most welcome exception. I’ve been in business for myself since 2003, and I’ve never seen this fall-off fail. But it has. Again, a good thing, but more business writing means less leisure time for writing deep thoughts about the state of the American Church. And then there’s our farm.

Stay tuned. I’m sure life will settle down here and you’ll see more posts soon.

Thanks for being a reader!

3 thoughts on “Zoo Update

  1. Paul Walton

    I’m Glad you have work brother, and the fact that your wife has a new job that pays is great news, be blessed this summer, and enjoy the time with your son, they grow up fast!

    • Thanks, Paul. And thank you for being a faithful reader!

      It’s been a tough last few years. I’ve had so much riding on my shoulders, it hasn’t been funny. I’ve had to learn a lot about stepping back and letting God take over before I try to step in. I think it has helped my faith a lot.

      That said, I feel guilty because I’m in this spending mode, trying to catch up to all the things we had to let slide (fixing the driveway, doing various house maintenance projects, buying clothes, addressing delayed medical care issues, etc.) I may even finally see an eye doc to see what can be done about my sudden onset of presbyopia! Bifocals, here I come!

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