The 25 Most Visited Posts on Cerulean Sanctum


Want to know what people are looking for on the Web as it relates to the Christian Faith? Most of the posts listed below received their hits as a result of search engine returns. The titles reveal much about what people are searching for in life.

The 25 Most Visited Posts on Cerulean Sanctum (from most visited to less visited)

  1. The World’s Best Bible-Reading Program
  2. A Dozen Sayings of Jesus That Will Change the World—If Christians Ever Believe Them
  3. Strange Fire in Florida?
  4. Charismatic Churches and the Cult of the New
  5. How to Improve Your Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit
  6. The Truth About Christian Bookstores
  7. God Speaks Through Dreams
  8. Review – A Passion for God: The Spiritual Journey of A. W. Tozer
  9. The Christian Singles Mess
  10. The Battle for Brokenness
  11. Where Are the Downloadable Classic CCM Tunes?
  12. “A Church for People Who Don’t Like Church”
  13. Church Growth Movement Fall Down and Go Boom!
  14. Discernment, Revivals, and Godly Common Sense
  15. Knowing Jesus vs. Knowing About Jesus – A Question for Readers
  16. A Lesson on the Spirit from the Three Little Pigs
  17. More on Homeschooling
  18. When Believers Stumble: Perfectionism
  19. Following TBN Off a Cliff
  20. Calvin Takes His Pills…
  21. Does God Help Those Who Help Themselves?
  22. Leonard Ravenhill
  23. True Freedom in Christ: Breaking the Bonds of Legalism
  24. The Myths of Homeschooling #1
  25. 100 Truths in 30 Years with Christ

4 thoughts on “The 25 Most Visited Posts on Cerulean Sanctum

  1. boethius

    I first came to “The Sanctum” Googling around for meaningful Christian discernment after Todd Bentley’s massive flame-out. I found his crash particularly personal because we had just driven 400 miles to see him in Southern California – this was all on the cusp of his plans to travel the world spreading the Lakeland revival, then he crashed brutally 2 weeks after that – and I found your criticism of Bentley intelligent and insightful without being vindictive and have been RSSing the blog ever since.

    Keep it up Dan – I know many of us appreciate the insights, introspection, discernment, and love-driven correction you feel within your own walk and see in the walks of others.

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