Life Intrudes! But One Thing I Do Ask…


Posts for the remainder of August will be light. Work and other life responsibilities always hit hard this month, and I am swamped. My To-Do list has reached such epic size, it has developed its own event horizon.

Yeah, that one’s for you science nerds.

Anyway, I do have one request:

Your prayers are coveted. Christians who put themselves out there on blogs and who post what amounts to an ox goring in some people’s eyes…well, that generates scary, disappointing, and hurtful blowback sometimes. There is a price to pay. So any prayers you can offer on my behalf and on my family’s would be much appreciated. We need good and positive things to come our way.

Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Life Intrudes! But One Thing I Do Ask…

  1. linda

    Hi Dan,
    I will pray for you and your family. The enemy quickly shows up if we are talking. That’s the new rule in Christianity today. Talking and questioning = rebellion and disloyalty toward the church, toward God, toward other believers in Christ.

    This is was Order from the Pharisees to Peter and John and to the other apostles in Jerusalem. STOP TALKING TO PEOPLE IN THIS NAME OF ‘JESUS’.

    What about talking to people in the name of the Pharisees? “Sure go ahead! Wonderful! We can get some credit for the things that Jesus did”! This is why the church wants ‘true’ christians in their midst. They want to use them to provide ‘veracity’ and ‘authenticity’ to their ‘church’.

    Real ministry by these ‘true’ Christians in the church? ‘No thank you’, the church leaders say. ‘We have things in hand. If we need anything from you we will let you know. Please, sit in the pew and enjoy. We’re going to TEACH you something. We will provide SOCIAL experiences. We will provide CLUBS for your kids. We will provide ENTERTAINMENT for you’.

    What more could we ask for?

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