A Busy Holiday Prayer Request


Like it is for many people, December is a crazy month for me. I usually have a few end of year projects with tight deadlines.

Despite getting a flu shot in mid-November, I’ve been battling some flu-like illness all this week. Much coughing. I had to take a couple days off and not do much work, but I’m not healing quickly, which means I’m falling further behind, which creates stress, which impedes healing, which…

So, if when you spend time in prayer, would you please ask for healing for me? I would appreciate it very much. God listens to the prayers of the saints, and He heals.

Thank you. Have a blessed Christmas season.

Life Intrudes! But One Thing I Do Ask…


Posts for the remainder of August will be light. Work and other life responsibilities always hit hard this month, and I am swamped. My To-Do list has reached such epic size, it has developed its own event horizon.

Yeah, that one’s for you science nerds.

Anyway, I do have one request:

Your prayers are coveted. Christians who put themselves out there on blogs and who post what amounts to an ox goring in some people’s eyes…well, that generates scary, disappointing, and hurtful blowback sometimes. There is a price to pay. So any prayers you can offer on my behalf and on my family’s would be much appreciated. We need good and positive things to come our way.

Thank you!

Prayer Requests for June 2010


Now and then I ask readers for prayer support. This is one of those times. If you have a moment to pray, would you consider praying for these needs? Thanks!

1. Our health insurance company is pulling out of our state and terminating policies. Obamacare is to blame, they say. Ordinarily, this would be a case of simply finding another insurer, but that’s not as easy as it would appear. I’m not smart enough to sort all this out, but I need to with all speed, as I must lock in a rate before premiums skyrocket soon.

2. Several major appliances took a turn for the worse at the same time, so we need a way to pay for their replacement and repair.

3. A wonderful writing opportunity has arisen, something I would love to do. Getting that project would be a tremendous blessing. Right now, I’m awaiting the client’s decision.

4. I’m being interviewed for a radio program. Key ideas in the posts you’ve read here will form the basis of some of that interview. Honoring the Lord, while challenging others, is what I hope to accomplish. I need a clear mind illumined by the Holy Spirit.

5. And lastly, a request not for me: The oil spill in the Gulf will prove to be a bigger disaster than what is being let on. Prayers for America and for a solution—now—to this problem are desperately needed.

Thank you. If you have any prayer needs, feel free to email me and I will pray for you.