A Busy Holiday Prayer Request


Like it is for many people, December is a crazy month for me. I usually have a few end of year projects with tight deadlines.

Despite getting a flu shot in mid-November, I’ve been battling some flu-like illness all this week. Much coughing. I had to take a couple days off and not do much work, but I’m not healing quickly, which means I’m falling further behind, which creates stress, which impedes healing, which…

So, if when you spend time in prayer, would you please ask for healing for me? I would appreciate it very much. God listens to the prayers of the saints, and He heals.

Thank you. Have a blessed Christmas season.

2 thoughts on “A Busy Holiday Prayer Request

    • Thanks, Wayne. Was talking with a friend yesterday, and she detailed that she and her husband had a weird virus with terrible cough and a low fever that kept seemingly ending, only to come back time and again. They didn’t get back to normal for almost three weeks. Said the lethargy was flu-like. I heard her say this and could only nod; that’s what my son and I have fought since December started. Nastier than flu, I think.

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