Losing Jesus


WaldoMore than anything else, I believe the cry of the human heart is to see and know Jesus. People may not be able to come to that conclusion on their own, but when put in the right perspective, the need becomes glaring.

Sadly, people have short memories and loyalties. Some have encountered Jesus only to lose Him somehow.

Protestants lost Jesus somewhere in the 16th century and seem curiously content to have consigned Him there.

Roman Catholics lost Jesus by focusing on everything related to Christianity that ISN’T Him.

The Orthodox lost Jesus amid a clutter of artwork intended to remind people of Him, as if He is no longer anywhere else to be found.

Charismatics lost Jesus by shifting their focus to the Holy Spirit, as if Jesus isn’t the one the Spirit points to relentlessly.

Cessationists lost Jesus because they stopped listening to what the Holy Spirit was saying about Him today.

Christian bloggers lost Jesus amid a cascade of words intended to prove how doctrinally correct they are 24/7/365.

Liberal Christians lost Jesus because they picked and chose what they liked about Him and rejected the rest.

Conservative Christians lost Jesus because they were conservatives first and followers of Jesus second.

It isn’t just some Christians who seem to have lost Jesus…

Jews lost Jesus because they didn’t seem aware that they had Him in the first place.

Hindus lost Jesus amid all the other deities they seem to keep creating daily.

Muslims lost Jesus by being the Roman Catholics of the non-Christian world and getting caught up in all the religious trappings that distract from Him.

Buddhists lost Jesus because they tossed out everything.

Pagans lost Jesus because they wanted everything but Him.

Communists lost Jesus because they couldn’t stop fighting over which of them would sit on His throne.

Socialists lost Jesus because they confused Him with bureaucratic government.

Atheists lost Jesus by making all of existence out to be this tiny, tiny box into which nothing can fit except for the hubris of atheism.

Here’s the thing: Jesus isn’t lost. The world’s people are.

Jesus said to His follower Thomas, who became known for doubting, just like us:

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
—John 14:6 ESV

Only Jesus knows the way—because He IS the Way. Don’t lose hold of Him. And if you don’t have that hold on Him yet, ask and believe Him for it, and know that He will never lose you.

5 thoughts on “Losing Jesus

  1. This is a very insightful and wise post Dan. I love how you didn’t leave out any entity as though they had the handle on the truth (and only them). We would do well to listen and learn.

  2. bobp

    Jesus is also enigmatic, so i nearly lost Him.

    There are scriptures right there, in black and white, no veiled language.

    I expected complete protection and the halcyon life. I associated good feelings with nearness and favor. And sadness equated distance.

    Would He break our hearts to make us better in His eyes? Would He allow teachers to tell us the wrong thing in this regard?

    God The Letter. He lets things happen, often for seasons with no Old Testament swiftness.

    We’re thrown into a strange setting with only on the job training and a manual from which to glean information pertinent to us personally.

    And the drifting begins. “…Will He find faith on the earth?”…

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