Idol #1


What is the greatest idol in the lives of most Americans?

I know what I consider it to be, but Bob Russell, a grad of the local CIncinnati Christian University, came away from a pastor’s meeting with a different answer. Thinking about it, his may be right, at least for many Americans.

The Number One False God in America

Check it out. Is he right?

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Idol #1

  1. Heartspeak

    Americans are somewhat polytheistic… They have many gods. Yes, the god of sports is one also.

    As is the great god ‘education’. (Education is the answer to many/most of our societal ills

    The god of ‘global warming’ and the environment

    The god of ‘me’, where our comfort, ‘space’ and fulfillment are supreme

    The electronic god- of our mobile devices which are a subset of that great god everyone gives a place of prominence in their homes– the Tee Vee!

    Which is the greatest god for N Americans? I can only say with certainty that there are many to which most bow, including (sadly) many who consider themselves christians…

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