The Missing Virtue


Almost a year ago, I wrote about 100 truths I’d learned in 30 years as a Christian. Every year I learn a few more truths about life and faith.

I consider this to be one of the most penetrating truths I’ve learned this year:

A man who lacks humility, no matter how gifted he might be , will have that lack taint everything good in his nature. On the other hand, a man who is humble will bolster the excellence of every positive trait he possesses.

God is holy. His holiness permeates every trait in Him. I believe that humility may be the equivalent transcendent virtue in men and women. It may be that this is the reason Jesus found pride to be so hellish.

Indeed, humilty may be the one virtue most lacking not only in Americans in general, but in American Evangelicals. I used to know many more humble people, mostly older. With that generation dying off, I fear that those humble folks have been replaced by a generation characterized by boasting and privilege.

Jesus must increase, while we decrease. I hope we learn this reality before it is too late.