Slowly Revising Cerulean Sanctum


Over the years, I’ve received requests to add email subscription to the site. You’ll now see it in the sidebar under Feeds & Subscriptions.

Also, while I was a big Bloglines fan in the day, Bloglines is deader than dead, with Feedly the most common feed aggregator today. You’ll now see a Feedly auto-add link in the Feeds & Subscriptions area.

Lastly, I pitched the old HTML table that organized that section of the sidebar and went CSS-only.

Hey, this 21st century thing–yeah, I’m slowly being dragged into it.

CSS Help?


If there are any CSS gurus who read this blog, I need your advice.

I updated Cerulean Sanctum a few weeks back, but I’m having a terrible time resolving a display issue for users of IE. In Firefox, the banner at the top of the blog uses text-shadow to create the drop shadow behind Cerulean Sanctum. IE does not recognize this standard CSS call, instead relying on IE filters to create the effect. The CSS call that I modified in my theme’s child theme is

#blog-title {
font: 7em Carolingia,serif;
text-shadow: 2px 2px 2px black;
letter-spacing: -2px;
padding: 40px 0 0;
margin-top: 30px;
background: url("images/cs_banner_2.jpg") left 1px no-repeat;

That works fine, but when I try to add the shadow IE filter after the text-shadow call, the filter adds the shadow to the banner image, not to the text. I find this bizarre because text-shadow handles this perfectly.

Anyway, if anyone has insights, I really want to help people better read the blog title in IE, and a drop shadow looks great, just like it does in Firefox.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Musings, Monday Edition


While it’s not H1N1, I do have a bad chest cold, so I was down all day Sunday.  I missed church, which meant that happened twice this month. Highly unusual.

So I kick off this Monday morning with a variety of musings, the first being health related…

Think Charlton Heston in The Omega Man: The federal government said they would have 120 million doses of H1N1 flu vaccine on hand. Turns out they only had 11 million. I don’t know about you, but that inspires no confidence at all. I mean, if the feds were publicly traded company that reported sales figures that were only 9 percent of what they claimed, the SEC would shut ’em down and send the principals to jail.

Where’s the holy water!?: H1N1 pretty much blew through my area like an Ebonite Gyro hurled by Mark Roth, knocking down kids like bowling pins (though it seems to have left adults over 40 largely unscathed). Yet for all its supposed intensity, most every parent I have heard from was startled by how mild this “pandemic to end all pandemic” viruses was. Its virulence was solely in its communicability, not in its punch. Meanwhile, we’re now hearing that the vaccine will not be available in any substantial amount in our area for another few weeks. By then, everyone will have had it. Oh well.

The undead walk among us: Todd Bentley of Lakeland “Revival” fame and his new best friend Rick Joyner held a coming out party for the latest Mrs. Bentley. Bene D posts the extraordinary (and worthy) fisking by Rick Hiebert under “Sorry about the Adultery. Please Send Us Money.” Anyone feeling the 28 Days Later restoration vibe on all this?

Dabbling in the malevolent arts: If anyone out there has had experience using CSS3, the “@font-face” command, OpenType fonts, and converting between OpenType and TrueType, drop me a line or leave a comment. And if you know of any WordPress themes that use CSS3, let me know.

Stake through the heart: Churches that die and the people who pastor them. (HT: Peyton)

Mesmerism: Anyone who actually understand the pluses and minuses of Ohio State Issue 2 and its possible impact on small. organic farms such as mine, please enlighten me. The scares from both sides have gotten out of control and left yours truly utterly confused.

Demonic feline devours deacon: The Toys R Us pre-Christmas catalog arrived in the mail this weekend, generating insatiable lust in the hearts of preteens everywhere. Notable for their excess were the $329 pink Cadillac Escalade and $649 dune buggy kid cars. I’m sorry, but considering the state of the world today, if you’re a Christian and you buy something like that for your kid this Christmas, that roaring lion you’ve been warned about just had you for a snack.

Land of the Giants : Speaking of snacks, wouldn’t it be great to open a packaged foodstuff and exclaim in all honesty, “Wow, they’re making them bigger than they used to”?

Dead, buried, and forgotten already: Saw the commentary of all commentaries at my local Kroger: a cart filled with closeout and heavily discounted Michael Jackson souvenirs. There’s s stark lesson there, folks.

Nature red in tooth and claw:  They were hiding the kiddies’ eyes in Paul Brown Stadium yesterday. What brutality! Bengals 45, Bears 10. Cedric Benson had 186 yards rushing against his former team. Even a guy like me who doesn’t follow sports will follow that human interest story.