What Christians in India Are Facing Soon


Christians persecuted in IndiaI don't know where I got the link to Chandrakant Chavada's blog, but I've been gratefully following the stories he writes of revival in India. The Holy Spirit is moving in power there, with healings, miracles, and transformed lives. I've been reading his blog for a couple months now and wanted to tell everyone who reads Cerulean Sanctum of one particular post he put up late last month.

In "Conversion By Force," Chandrakant tells of an upcoming initiative in India to persecute Christians by forcing them to recant their faith in Christ. This diabolical program is set to start February 11. A half million Indians have volunteered to perpetrate this injustice on their own countrymen, on those who have joined the growing Christian population in India.

So I'm putting out a call to all the readers of Cerulean Sanctum to pray that the Lord will totally thwart the plans of those who are hoping to force Christians in India to recant their faith in Christ. I would also ask that those of you who have a blog get the word out on this gross attempt to destroy the lives of our fellow Christians. But most of all, be praying for the persecuted Church in India.

Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “What Christians in India Are Facing Soon

  1. The Christian Woman

    Hi Dan. Thanks for mentioning Chandrakant�s blog. If what he is saying is true, it�s very exciting. My problem is, how do I know it�s true?

    There are a lot of tricks that go on in cyberspace, many harmless, but I�ve come to be suspicious of anything I run across. In reality, anyone could start a blog and say whatever they want, so how do we know the truth? I�m not trying to say there is anything inherently suspicious about Chandrakant�s blog in particular, but I really want to believe that what he is writing is true and to tell others about it.

    Just wondering if you have any other information that can help.


  2. Christian Woman,

    I don’t personally know Chandrakant. His blog was recommended by a good source site (though I forget which one—I only read good ones!) I’ve been reading his blog and I have no reason to doubt him, especially since these kinds of “reconversion” programs have been going on in certain parts of India for a while. Many reputable Christian organizations have been reporting on the stepped-up attempts to persecute Christians in India. I’ve read numerous reports in reputable places of this desire to keep the whole country Hindu, with particular ire reserved for Hindus who convert to Christianity.

    So even if this Feb 11-13 program were to be found untrue, Christians are still being persecuted countrywide in India. If you would like further info on this particular reconversion program, I will see what else I can find online later today.

  3. The Christian Woman

    Sorry Dan, I should have been more clear. I can certainly believe that there is persecution of Christians in India. I read some of the other posts in his blog where he was talking of large conversions and healings. That is the part that I was excited about and wanted to confirm. I personally have never witnessed such stuff and would love to believe that it’s happening in India. I’m still praying for such a revival here in the USA! Thanks for providing more info.


  4. Anonymous

    I have passed along this prayer request to everyone I know. Pray bold – pray big – pray with great faith. God will move in this situation.


    ps. I really enjoy your blog. It stretches me and sharpens me. Thanks for your time and effort.

  5. Reid Bradley

    I sometimes wish the Christians could just drop the religion and love people. They would be received so much better. James 1:26-27

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